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According to a news release, David J. Stern has been replaced!   OH NO!   How can the company that bears one’s name function without the man behind the name?   Whoever will be in charge of performing the “non legal functions” of the enterprise?   What can this mean?

On the conference call just a few short weeks ago, Stern reassured investors that all was fine in China Town. (Nothing to see here folks, just move right along.)   Why I even heard him reassure investors that they had only discovered “problems” with 21 assignments of mortgage. (Or something to that affect.)   If I were an investor in DJSP and I based my decisions solely on the statements made in that conference call, I’d think everything was just fine.   Now did these depositions and AG investigations just materialize overnight after that conference call?   Did no one making those statements on that conference call have any knowledge of the severity of the Category 5 Hurricane of investigations and allegations swirling around?

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  • litgant says:

    Stern out? This is nothing but a protective measure. Stern is trying to protect his millions and shift blame and responsibility to a corporate chair jocky. You can bet he is transferring his money to the Cayman Islands. And you can bet he is preparing to shut down his robo factory within a few months. All those lying notaries, witnesses, and fake vice presidents better start collecting their evidences because it looks like they are coming into the court rooms for several years. Some of them may even be sued. If they come clean now without a defense lawyer deposing them, they could be spared. I recommend they contact the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times and tell them they have some stuff on Stern and his illegal scams of foreclosure. Someone better check Stern boat as it heads out to sea. It may be filled with millions of dollars.

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