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The Lender Processing Services Consent Order- Read It, Study It…Be Distrubed.

The financial, legal, social and political systems in the United States of America are in chaos.   They are in chaos because our leaders stopped enforcing laws and started holding hands and making out with with testosterone charged, risk taking, arrogant gamblers who treated the American and indeed the world economy like it was their own personal casino.

They had no skin in the game, they had nothing to lose because they were playing their epic game of global currency craps with our money.   All of our money.   The accumulated wealth and equity and the blood, sweat and tears of generations.   My grandparents sweated and scrimped and saved and worked themselves to the bone every day of their lives from the moment they were born.   The appropriately titled “Greatest Generation” stormed the beaches of Normandy, fought all the way across Europe then marched right back home, then promptly dug in their heels and used that same grunt work ethic and unprecedented technical and entrepreneurial spirit to grow, from scratch, the greatest industrial base ever produced in the entire history of mankind.

And when our grandparents finally sat down to take some well deserved rest, the next generation of alleged adults went to work at breakneck pace to dismantle the industrial and economic superengine that was America.   Remember Ross Perot in the 1990’s?   Remember that nutjob with the big funny ears?   And his distinguished, but hearing challenged running mate, Admiral Stockton?   Well, I remember it all very acutely.   Something resonated with me about what they were screaming.   They were screaming that if we gut our manufacturing base, if we destroy our industry by selling out to the lowest common denominator, we will eventually go down the tubes.   Were they right?   You bet your sweet arse they were right…and the consequences of what they were preaching would have been felt a lot sooner if the Wizards of Wall Street had not figured out a way to inflate our economy with hot air, by manipulating and inflating the   industrial equity and wealth with Wall Street Wizardry.

This country lived under profound economic prosperity from 1995-2005, but this prosperity was fake, inflated and dangerous.   Collectively, this country did not make the money we all used to buy the brand new cars, the mansions, the dinner out every single night of the week, the trips to Vegas.   The period 1995-2005 was a dangerous and evil fiction created and aggressively promoted by the Wizards of Wall Street and their lapdogs in our government. We did not pay the price for all that unearned prosperity then…we simply ran it all up on our collective credit cards, but we most assuredly are paying the price now….and the price grows more exponential every single day.

But as usual, I went far, far afield.   Let me bring it back home.   Read carefully the attached Consent Order.   It is an autopsy of the wrongdoing   that our government has permitted the elites that caused all this misery to get away with.   Just read each one of the “alleged” allegations of wrongdoing.   Why have we reached a point in this country where we are afraid to punish the wrongdoing that has sent us careening down into a dark chasm.

Read the Order carefully…this is the end product of a government gone corrupt…..It makes me angry that this is what we have become in this country.   A meek and defeated people lorded over by imperial forces all marching in lockstep, grinding and crushing and defeating this once grand and proud people.




  • Concerned reader says:

    Ross Perot was a messenger of truth. Perot warned of a “giant sucking sound” of American jobs heading south to Mexico should NAFTA be ratified. Too bad he was so erratic.

    In the 1992 election Perot received 18.9% of the popular vote, approximately 19,741,065 votes but no electoral college votes. Without 270 electoral college votes needed to win the presidency, it wouldn’t matter if Perot won the popular vote.

  • Jane says:

    Well it’s the same old story – the fox guarding the hen house!

    I heard Matt Taibbi recently talking about the SEC allowing banks to investigate themselves. He likened it to a gang like the ‘bloods’ being allowed to investigate themselves so that they would behave better. Great analogy!

    I really believe we are on a precipice and about to fall off.

    The country and the world has gone completely mad! When people really wake up and find out what has been going on – there is going to be merry hell – and I predict that could be sometime within the next 12 months or less. There is nothing the government can do to bring the jobs back that have gone overseas. 47 million people are on food stamps – a lot of the people on them have a job but it does not pay enough to feed a family. The only jobs out there, if you can find one, pay minimum wage. In a report I read today, there are many more people who are eligible for food stamps but have not applied for them yet, either because they do not know they are eligible or feel their pride cannot allow them to apply.

    What has happened to our country?

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