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The Foreclosure Wars Are Over….And The Fascists Have Won….(surprised?)

The announcement yesterday that Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi has dropped the remaining investigations into the foreclosure mills, the (sewer) service of process companies and the (forged) document production factories provides a clear opportunity to state what has long been obvious”¦.

The Banks, Wall Street and The Financial Criminals Got Away With The Biggest Crime Spree In Mankind’s History.

The Banks, Wall Street and The Financial Criminals Got Away With The Biggest Crime Spree In Mankind’s History.

Now before I get too full into the diatribe here, let me digress a little bit and clarify that when I say, ” Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi”, I mean that she is ” Florida’s Attorney General” in name only. This elected official does not serve the interests of the citizens of the State of Florida anymore than the fascist in chief Rick Scott serves the interests of this abused citizenry.   No, to be perfectly clear”¦and as two years of policy and initiatives demonstrate, the leadership of this state serve the interests of the corporate masters that have purchased what was nominally at least, ” Government of The People, By The People, For The People.”   Ha. I like to say things like that just to remember how quaint and naïve that sounds.
And since I’m digressing, let me deconstruct a little bit my increasingly persistent references to Fascism in our government today”¦especially as Fascism is demonstrated so clearly here in Florida.   In my frequent references, I’m not exactly talking about Mussolini’s brutal, physical form of fascism”¦yet.   I’m focused (for the present time at least) in the aspects of fascism that are manifested in the fusion of ” our” government and the economy.   And when I say ” our” government , I mean that it is ” our” government only in the nominal sense.   Clearly ” we” have no real ownership or control over the regime that dictates America’s national policy today”¦.those interests being subsumed by the corporate interests that own and control every aspect of Amerikan life today.   For now focus clearly on the subset of the definition of fascism which provides:

Fascism is socialism with a capitalist veneer. Where socialism sought totalitarian control of a society’s economic processes through direct state operation of the means of production, fascism sought that control indirectly, through domination of nominally private owners. Under fascism, the state, through official cartels, controlled all aspects of manufacturing, commerce, finance, and agriculture. Fascism embodied corporatism, in which political representation was based on trade and industry rather than on geography.

Keep reading here if you need more, but I want you to focus on the world that we see all around us, especially as it is demonstrated through the lens of the nationalization of our nation’s banks and financial enterprises and especially as ” our” homes and private property have become nationalized assets not just of the federal government, but of the banking cartels that own our government.   Make no mistake, when I say, ” the homes and private property we own”, I mean that only in nominal terms.   We don’t ” own” anything anymore, especially when there is any financing attached to it.   From the beginning of our nation’s history, our nation’s system of fee simple property ownership of real property has been an essential aspect of our national identity.   In his book, ” The Mystery of Capital”, Hernando Desoto convincingly argues that the system of real property ownership in this nation was the real secret behind that fading notion of ” American Exceptionalism”.
Whether you accept his thesis or not it is indisputable that our notions of property ownership and any sense of security we have in our papers and property are long since decimated delusions.   Any sense of security you have when you lock the door of your home is merely a dangerous delusion, especially when you have given a bank a mortgage on that property.   I say this not in an abstract sense, but quite directly and very specifically”¦.The Banks, working in collusion with the Federal Government actors Fannie and Freddie, have explicitly determined that you have no right of security in your home and that they can come kick down your door, drill out your locks and remove your property if they care to.   Whether you happen to be inside the home or not and with no need ask your permission, much less a court’s permission.   They have decided that they need not provide you any notice, nor ask your permission”¦the notice you will receive is the sound of the impact drill or the crowbar tearing your front door off its hinges.   And when this happens to you”¦as it happens to thousands of Americans living in their insecure homes all across Amerika, don’t labor under any false sense of security that law enforcement will step in and provide you any measure of protection or security”¦instead, you should be prepared to be treated not as the victim of a most disturbing and destabilizing crime”¦you should be prepared to defend yourself as the perpetrator of the worst crime in this dangerous new Amerikan enterprise”¦because when the jackbooted thugs have kicked down your door, because you are 45 days late on your mortgage, you clearly have committed Financial Crimes Against The State.
And what shall we say of our nation’s court systems?   Well, in isolated pockets judges are installed in our nation’s courtrooms that do recognize this crime spree for what it is.   I take some solace in entering these courtrooms from time to time, but the time spent in these fading bastions of The Rule of Law are fewer and far between”¦with far too many courtrooms merely serving as debt collecting adjuncts for the Fascist empire our nation’s banking cartels have created.   Document fraud, forgery, lies, misrepresentations”¦.those and so many crimes have not just gone unpunished”¦.they have in fact been encouraged and supported by our nation’s courts. Our brothers and sisters in arms, citizen warriors and attorney advocates who dare to stand up and plead that our courts and our judges should stand up against these crimes have too often been slammed down”¦isolated, persecuted, executed, sanctioned, sued and grieved.    And what of the perpetrators of all these crimes?   Dimon and Blankfeld, Corzine and Paulson, Stern and Mozillo”¦.they’re all doing just fine, thank you all very much.   Free to rob and steal and even to order your front door kicked down, your personal possessions hauled away”¦your life’s irreplaceable memories thrown into dumpsters.   You will find very few courts willing to say that such things are not only wrong, and even fewer still who will sanction such conduct.   Circling back to that definition of fascism”¦such inaction on the part of our nation’s courts can only be understood through that paradigm of fascism”¦.”our” courts serve not ” The Law” or the delusional notions of justice as we once knew them”¦.the rational mind can only conclude that our courts serve the corporate interest.
In support of this, consider especially the case of the GMAC/Residential Capital bankruptcy.   Understand that you and I”¦we gullible, compliant taxpayers handed over our hard-earned money to bail this corporate person out.   Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson ordered that we each reach into our pockets and hand our cash to GMAC.   We all did so, because we had no choice.   The boot of the enterprise was crushing down on our neck. Our stake in this enterprise called GMAC was and is a 74% ownership interest. I thought about that interest as I sat there in a Federal Court in Lower Manhattan last week, listening to PriceWaterHouseCoopers and GMAC explain to a federal bankruptcy judge exactly why it was they needed to be paid a Quarter of a Billion Dollars to examine and document the full extent of their wrongdoing”¦.as directed by the terms of various state and federal enforcement actions.   There is a disturbing harmony between the consequence of the wrongdoing and the quarter billion dollar reward of preparing the dossier.
You and I will pay that bill”¦.and all the other billions of dollars in bills”¦.not just for GMAC, but for all the other government sponsored enterprises.   But we won’t be thanked for it.   Not a letter, not a card, not even an email from the private equity firms who are salivating at the prospect of picking the meat off the GMAC carcass”¦and making hundreds of millions of dollars for those morsels.   And if you’re one of those extra-specially interested stakeholders that are still writing a check each month to GMAC, don’t expect to be notified when your $100,000 mortgage has been bought for mere cents on the dollar from the new servicer who will direct you to start sending your payments to them”¦so they can promptly bundle your deposit”¦along with millions of others”¦and deposit them in a bank account in the Cayman Islands.   Nothing at all for you to be concerned with”¦..move along.   Nothing to see.   BUT YOU’D BETTER DAMN SURE KEEP MAKING THOSE PAYMENTS!
And one month today, we Amerikans will turn out to elect a new Fascist in Chief.   I suppose it’s entirely fitting that we should be offered up as an alternative to fascism’s more subtle warrior, the President who held the fire hose as Geithner and Bernake and Holder ” foamed the runway” for their friends, a far more  blatant and unapologetic soldier in the service of the fascist enterprise.   And with that last little missive I’ve clearly identified myself as one of ” those people”, which in turn sets off alarm bells and warning lights in Fusion Centers all across this nation.   Yes, when my little epistle here goes from being read not just by the friendly folks in Homeland Security who are constantly snooping, always keeping a keen eye on me, like that creepy little eye on our dollar bills, but read by all you little soldiers out there as well”¦.I will surely be bumped up a few higher slots on the Watch List.
But please understand this, all you anonymous government data miners and surreptitious surveillance operators keeping a close eye o us…we’re fighting for you too”¦.it was our homes and mortgages and banks in this first war, but they won’t stop there”¦.they’re coming for your government pension and 401(k) and military benefits too”¦.in fact they’re already there”¦dipping ever so quietly into the corpus of your pension’s trust.   As I sit here trailing off..going out here with a whimper”¦my email box is filling up with black and white, undeniable proof of the next crime spree that’s well under way.   We’re mining our own records down here in the sticks and those records show the corporate masters transferring mortgages out of one non-existent trust into another, and moving one mortgage into several different trusts at once and trading one phantom mortgage for another phantom mortgage”¦and so it goes on, and so it goes on.
And out I go with a whimper”¦.just like your investigations”¦.like George Bush Said”¦



  • Pissed in Tampa says:

    Amen to you Matt you have it a nutshell a terrible one at that! Keep up the great work you do on keeping us informed. I have been waiting for a modification from ASC/Wells Fargo for 2 years!!! I have enough fraudulent paper work on loan papers and now next payment due for November I AM NOT PAYING THE PAYMENT!! Come you crime ridden banksters I am ready for you. I will be talking to your office probably sometime in November when I get notice of foreclosure, they have beat me down and I cannot take it anymore! I have watched your video with April Charney and am confident you will be our attorney! Thank you and talk to you soon.

  • concerned reader says:

    Thanks for reference to Hernando Desoto, who reminds us to “do the math” in the LA Times story below, which is the issue underlying many of our nation’s problems: No one is “doing the math”. Instead the fed prints more and more money, and as you noted, a number of courts are enabling the crime spree and “merely serving as debt collecting adjuncts for the Fascist empire our nation’s banking cartels have created.” Now Pam Bondi is giving the foreclosure mills a pass! Are we headed for an October Surprise later this month?
    “Global Meltdown Rule No. 1: Do the math
    Los Angeles Times
    by Hernando de Soto
    April 12, 2009
    As a Peruvian educated by British and American teachers, I learned never to embark on a major task without first “doing the math.” No more of that Latino “happy go lucky, trust your gut and say three Hail Marys” approach to life.
    Without measurement, my teachers advised, I wouldn’t be able to identify and disentangle the very reality before my eyes. By doing the math, I would see order and coherence, the way things were organized; invisible relationships would come into view, and right behind order would come meaning, followed by confidence. Thanks to my Anglo-Saxon education, I learned the lesson: You cannot manage what you have not previously measured.
    So imagine how I have felt watching my role models go to war over weapons of mass destruction that they never actually assessed, or now, watching them wage a losing war against derivatives — which both Warren Buffet and George Soros have called “financial weapons of mass destruction” — without locating or counting them either.”,0,5255687.story
    Capitalism at the Crossroads is an entertaining video by De Soto on YouTube
    De Soto published in April 2010 “Hernando de Soto and Property in a Market Economy” which was reviewed on the Property Prof Blog
    “The Mystery of Capital” was reviewed by the New York Times

  • Tuli Molina says:

    Bravo! Finally, the proverbial nail has been hit on the head.
    Bravo! For having the guts to shout out loud what everyone of us has been muttering under our breath and behind closed doors.
    The truth is devastatingly painful…we are already there.
    Tuli Molina,
    My beautiful home of 23 years, confiscated October 2011.

    • Roger Longo says:

      Hi Tuli,
      I read your post and I would be interested in the details of the foreclosure of your home. The reason for my request is to get a better handle how these criminals operate. I certainly understand if you wish the details to this traumatic experience. I certainly wish you and your family all the best in these trying times. What has happened to you and your family is an outrage.
      Roger Longo, Ph.D.
      Distinguished Professor
      S.U.N.Y. – Adirondack.

  • cesar says:

    It feels like a deep betrayal from the florida AG. I sent them a package of “robosignatures” or the fancier surrogate signers in a couple of 11th circuit cases i would run into while waiting for clerk find my file. They told me that there wasn’t any evidence of wrongdoing. If i was to submit into the land records one “surrogate” satisfaction of mortgage or an assignment, it seems that i would be facing them as a defendant in another case pretty quickly. Is there any way to assign a special prosecutor chosen by residents of fl to prosecute these gangsters? Constitutional conventional anyone?

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