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Tracy Lawrence- The Foreclosure Suicide All of Amerika Forgot….

The day after Pam Bondi announced no further investigation into fraudclosure, it’s worth it to look back into one of the darker chapters….From Mark Ames at Daily Banter:
(And just remember, we are all guilty of letting this happen.   Fascists will not stop, they will come for you next.)
Every week, it seems there’s another tragic story about a suicide or murder-suicides linked to foreclosure trauma. Some of the more spectacular murder-by-foreclosure stories the past few years have been collected by a blog called ” Greenspan’s Body Count“””others, myself included, have been writing about these terrible stories of class warfare being waged by the only side fighting it, and winning it, as Warren Buffett rightly said.
Before the 2008 crisis, the media paid little attention to the death toll taken on Americans by the decades-long class warfare waged against the 99%. Now they’re impossible to ignore. Stories like the US soldier in Iraq who committed suicide so that his wife could collect life insurance, and save their family home from foreclosure. Or the courtroom-suicide in Phoenix, in which a Yale-educated banker-swindler swallowed a cyanide capsule after being found guilty of setting his 10,000 sq foot McMansion on fire as a way of collecting insurance and evading mortgage payments he couldn’t afford.
Despite the somewhat increased media attention given to these tragic stories nowadays, there is one suicide directly tied to foreclosure fraud that has been completely ignored by the media. Her name was Tracy Lawrence, and for a brief moment last year, between the moment she turned whistleblower and her untimely and bizarre suicide, Tracy Lawrence’s testimony threatened to blow the entire fraud-closure criminal enterprise wide open, with repercussions that could have easily reverberated all the way up to the major banks and GSEs complicit in one of the greatest crimes this country has ever experienced.
In the months since Tracy Lawrence was found dead in her Las Vegas apartment at the age of 43, her story has only taken on more significance””even as her death has been forgotten. This is a story that demands our attention, a story we must not allow ourselves to forget.
First, some background to Tracy Lawrence’s suicide: On November 16, 2011, the attorney general for the state of Nevada, Catherine Cortez Masto, announced a major first-of-its-kind 606-count criminal indictment against two Orange County, California-based title officers working for Lender Processing Services, the country’s largest mortgaging servicing company and the worst of the predatory ” fraudclosure mills.”


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  • It pains me deeply how big companies and businesses can be so indifferent to people’s woes. It’s a known fact that financial worries can drive people to suicide. It’s important for the companies to get over their selfish motives and have a more generous attitude towards society. R.I.P. Tracy Lawrence.

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