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The Florida Legislature Wants to Remove Courts From The Foreclsoure Process

Here we are one year since the Florida Legislature first tried to crush Floridian’s rights to have a judge decide their fate.   And what’s happened in this year?   More abuse, fraud and questionable practices than even the most conspiratorial internet theorists could possibly conjure up.

But the most damming confirmation of the bank’s bad practices comes not from their opponents or judges or regulators….it comes from the banks themselves.   Remember, the banks announced their own moratoriums or started re-doing their practices or just plain stopped moving forward.

So what should we do?   Let’s just take foreclosures out of the court totally so that we won’t have to be bothered by any of all of these problems…..

A bill filed by Sen. Alan Hays, R-Umatilla, would make it much easier for banks to foreclose on commercial mortgage holders — so easy that they wouldn’t need the courts at all.

” To me, it’s a beautiful piece of legislation, because it’s optional. It’s not a mandate to anyone to do anything,” Hays said. ” It’s quicker, it’s more convenient and it helps the people of Florida. To me it’s win-win-win.”

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Given all the problems, you would hope our legislature would recognize that we need more court funding, more court supervision, more judicial process to deal with the crushing load of foreclosure litigation, but don’t be so sure.   I’m betting this thing slides through the halls of our legislature like a greased up pig.

Stay tuned!