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2nd DCA SMACKDOWN!~ Evidentiary Hearing REQUIRED on Motion to Vacate

There is developing a very consistent line of cases coming out now which make it very clear that trial courts must hold evidentiary hearings when questions of fact are raised.

Increasingly the appellate courts get it and because of that there may be some hope for all of us.


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  • speakout says:

    The problem with the courts is they are ignoring the real law and facts in general and only using bank biased case law and “administrative” opinion. The district courts are a joke!
    The banks have taken over our country since 1913 and here is where we sit, the result that Thomas Jefferson warned us about. The intend to take it all and make us their slaves. We are already their debt slaves now as the entire economic system runs on debt. Not what the founding fathers had in mind. Why do we have 60 MILLION laws on the books? It’s absurd and created only for the banksters and the government to find one more way to get our money. The entire system needs to be overhauled as it is not sustainable. The corruption has gone too far.

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