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The Florida Attorney General’s Website, Dedicated to Rooting Out Public Corruption…

florida-lawsWho knew?   The Florida Attorney Generals Office has an entire website dedicated to the complex and compelling issues of rooting out public corruption.   Honest, I seen it.   What a HOOT!

Apparently somewhere along the way someone (or someones actually) thought that things were a little slippery from an ethical perpective down here in the swampy muck called Florida….and then someone (gasp!) thought (for just a moment) that maybe someone should do something about it…..just take a little sample from the appetizer menu:

On November 30, 2009, Governor Charlie Crist filed a petition requesting that a Statewide Grand Jury be convened in order to ” examine and evaluate public policy issues regarding public corruption and develop specific recommendations regarding improving current laws.” On December 2, 2009, the Florida Supreme Court issued an Order to convene the Nineteenth Statewide Grand Jury for the purpose of investigating crimes, returning indictments, and making presentments.

When you’re done there…move along to the salad course….

And if you want to learn how all your elected leaders just ignored all of this, read press accounts here

Here’s the docket to the Florida Supreme Court

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