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The First Amendment, Suspended….FOR BANK OF AMERICA…..

BofA-protestorsDo you have any lingering doubts about the absolute, undeniable fact that all of America is owned and controlled by the corporate interests?
Do you need any confirmation that America has become a corporate fascist state?
Well, understand that “your” government institutions and agents are being turned against you and your “rights” are being trampled on, just so the corporate interests are not made to feel a bit uncomfortable…..
Nice Huh?
What’s happening in Charlotte:
When Charlotte City Council passed strict security rules in January for policing the Democratic National Convention, they said the new law would be used for ” extraordinary events” drawing large crowds, such as Speed Street and the Fourth of July celebration in uptown.
Today, Charlotte City Manager Curt Walton designated those events as ” extraordinary” and thus subject to the ordinance, plus two others “” Thursday’s Duke Energy annual shareholder meeting and the Bank of America     annual shareholder meeting on May 9.


  • DolleyMadison says:

    And Good Luck finding a lawyer in Charlotte or in all of NC for that matter to go up against not only BofA but any bank – up to number 32 – I have a case of rampant servicer abuse have not missed a single payment yet not one lawyer will rep me. Every man in town has his testicles locked up in the Bofa Vault, and every attorney, police officer, elected official and newspaper editor is bought and paid for. There is no more rule of law, no more freedom.

  • Raptor says:

    From the article:
    “The new ordinances also detail a list of items that are grounds for arrest. Among them: spray paint, permanent markers, hammers, crowbars, box cutters, utility knives, chains, padlocks, lumber, plastic pipe, pepper spray, mace and police scanners.”
    I always have a permanent marker in my bag in case my kids want to draw (or if I do). This is outrageous. And I would imagine lots of women carry pepper spray to protect themselves. The country is gone–now it’s just the banks with their collective proboscis sucking our life’s blood directly from our collective broken heart…

  • Randy Frodsham says:

    America ID fascist. It has been for several years but was, at least to some degree, covert. Since 9/11 thoygh, it has become so overt, it would be even more foolish to try to hide the fact. In a few months, citizens MAY have a chance to start changing tings. I say “may,” because it, honestly, would not surprise me for there to be no general election in November.
    If there is a general election in November, if registered voters continue to vote for those with the word “incumbent” after their name, or vote for those with either a “D” or an “R” after the name (Both major political parties are actively working toward the exact same goal.), THERE WILL BE NO CHANGE. The last time a candidate from one of the major parties promised “Change,” we got railroaded into more of the same but even faster.
    Every American has a responsibility to learn the Constitution (they don’t teach it anymore as part of the planned ignorance being foisted upon us all). This country was at its peak when personal rsponsibility was at its peak. With the wane of personal responsibility, our freedoms have been concurrently eroded.
    My rights end where your’s begin. Do you really understand the definition of “liberty?”

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