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The Banks As "Owners", Devastating Communities……

neglected-foreclosed-homesWho owns the note?
Who cares……right?
I mean, after all, it doesn’t matter…..right?
Just keep on ramming those fraudclosures through.   Doesn’t matter who the plaintiff is, they don’t “own” anything anyway, right?
Who’s the worst?   They all are……

Lake Worth Community Development Director William Waters called Deutsche Bank “one of the irresponsible banks.”
Former Miami Code Enforcement Director Sergio Guadix said it is “one of the banks we’ve had many problems with.”
Deutsche Bank’s defense? Property upkeep is not our responsibility.

While it may be the owner of record, “The bank itself has no economic interest or ownership stake in the properties,” said John T. Gallagher, a New York-based spokesman for Deutsche Bank. Instead, the bank says it merely acts as the trustee for mortgage-backed bond holders. As for home maintenance, it says that’s the responsibility of separate entities, the “loan servicers.”


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