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The BP Oil Spill Impacted Nearly EVERY Business…And Most Every Business Should File a Claim For Damages! (FILE YOUR BP CLAIM NOW!)


BP droht wegen Oelpest im Golf von Mexiko Rekordstrafe


My practice is dedicated to serving the interests of families and consumers that live along the gulf coast of Florida. Families, businesses and in fact entire communities were devastated when BP caused one of their oil rigs to blow up in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

Some Important Background on The Gulf Oil Spill
I refuse to call what BP did an accident. What BP and their business partners in crime did was engage in gross, systematic and completely preventable negligence. They ignored black and white and repeated warnings that their reckless conduct was going to cause a catastrophic disaster, they destroyed critical evidence after the fact…..but they continued their reckless conduct anyway.  And what happened?

Because of BP 11 people lost their lives.

Because of BP hundreds of millions of gallons of toxic oil spewed into the Gulf of Mexico.

Because of BP billions of dollars was lost by the men and women who live along the Gulf of Mexico.

Because of BP incalculable damage was done to the Gulf of Mexico and the businesses, families and communities that lie along the Gulf of Mexico.

Now, what has been BP’s response to their conduct?

BP Signed a BRAND NEW SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT That Allows Millions of Floridians The Right to Recover

It’s most important for people to realize that in March 2012, BP signed a 1200 page settlement agreement that provided the right to recover significant amounts of money for millions of businesses in every county along the Gulf of Mexico.  If you own property in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Sarasota, Manatee, Pasco or any county along the Gulf of Mexico….YOU SHOULD FILE A CLAIM TO RECOVER DAMAGES FROM BP!

If you have any question about whether your business is qualified to file a claim or if your property is located in a claim zone, click on this link for an interactive claim locator.

I am personally available 24 hours a day to discuss BP claims…contact my cell phone at 727/542-5571.


I’m working with my friend, colleague and local attorney Clay Schuett on these cases.  I refer these cases to Schuett law and continue to work with him on my cases throughout the claims process.

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