I recognize that from time to time people think I use language that is a bit dramatic. I submit that such people simply do not see the things that I see and are too afraid to recognize what is happening right in front of their faces.

This country has gone dangerously over a cliff into a very dark place.

Fascism and violence are creeping into every corner of our lives.

For evidence of this, watch what happens in a courtroom…

Do you want to see a country that’s gone completely MAD?

Do you want to see a video of a young woman being abused, violated, physically attacked IN FRONT OF HER YOUNG CHILD?

And the worst thing….a judge sits right there with this abuse playing out immediately in front of her…AND THE JUDGE DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.


[advanced-iframe securitykey=”a89b984039fb3b09578b3059dd44d761a319ccc0″ src=”https://thecalreport.com/2013/07/26/court-marshall-sexually-assaults-women-in-front-of-judgethen-arrests-her/” width=”1000″]

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