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The Florida Supreme Court said, “The Plaintiff Shall Verify” so that we can hold someone accountable when they are not truthful.
The trial court affirmed, “The Plaintiff Shall Verify” .
Florida’s Second DCA affirmed, “The Plaintiff Shall Verify”.
But the Plaintiffs do not want to verify. They do not want to be held accountable.   And, as I’m learning more and more, part of the reason is that THEY CANNOT HONESTLY AND ACCURATELY VERIFY THE COMPLAINTS.
And that is a big part of the problem here…..the Principals are hiding behind their Agents, like thugs hiding in the alley while they send the footsoldiers out into the fight.   And at the end of the day, what this really comes down to is,


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  • neidermeyer says:

    Please contact and
    Edwards & Clarkson, P.A.
    412 N.E. 4th Street
    Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33301
    954.463.5266 ext. 104

  • Triumphant says:

    The banksters and their attorneys are scaling new heights of absurdity… let’s see if the Florida Supreme Court will take them by the hand, onward and upward.
    How can the petitioner EVER have standing to assert or prove “irreparable harm” that flows directly from its own admitted incompetence, negligence or perhaps outright unlawful acts? Isn’t the petition itself evidence of bringing and maintaining a patently frivolous lawsuit?
    Let’s have the Florida Supreme Court chew on this one for a while – it seems to be having trouble digesting the Roman Pino case and more “roughage” might help push things along.

  • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

    I would say “UNBELIEVABLE” but it is all too believable. The banks will appeal anything that does not give them carte blanche to lie, cheat and steal. I am embarrassed that their lawyers not only cannot control them, but will actually appeal rather than comply with a Supreme Court Rule. Of course, if I recall correctly, they pleaded the original falsehood before the rule was imposed and may have hundreds of cases which could be retroactively reopened for fraud. They can be reopened anyway as void, if the bank did not have standing. (I don’t even call them banks anymore. We cannot call them lenders because they usually aren’t the entity which made the loan. I call them claimants, movants, putative Plaintiffs, as the case may be.)
    “Curiouser and curiouser,” said Alice.
    (From “Through the Looking Glass,” by Lewis Carroll)

  • speakout says:

    Google- Testimoney of Walker Todd. Ex- Federal Reserve banker.
    Explains notes and banking.
    Also, ask for the receipt for the “loan” proceeds. How was it paid?
    Who’s name was on the “check” or bank wire for the funds.
    Where did the funds originate for the “loan”?
    Where was the note deposited? And how was it credited on the banks ledger. GAAP, double entry accounting. Asset and liability – cancels each other out. The banks are “lending” interest payments and servicing! How generous of them! The people lend the principal.

  • dRp says:

    Another example of banksters that don’t believe the law applies to them.

  • chitown2020 says:

    That makes no sense Matt. If they don’t have the documents, their fraudulently induced contracts are a nullity according to well settled law. I found something interesting when I was reading the mortgage for my commercial property “loan.” It said that I waive my right to a jury trial by signing the mortgage… Why would they even include such a thing….? That proves to me this was pre-meditated and they knew that they were doing something illegal. They also claim they believe they are insecure about the “loan”. How ridiculous…! Then why would you give the loan…? I found 3 unsecured liens on my home to secure that “loan” by that bank. They have $1.68 million in unsecured liens on a $400,000.00 “loan”…!

    • chitown2020 says:

      They have a million dollars in unsecured liens on my principal residence that is now worth maybe, $250,000.00. The property that we purchased is now worth maybe…$300,000.00. They are absolute felons..!

  • johngault says:

    Where is the homeowner’s response to the motion? You have the
    motion and the reply (full of red herrings and bull as always) to the response, but not the response. Frustrating!

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