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The Banks Throw Down The Gauntlet- Force Us To Follow The Law, We’ll Hold You Hostage……BANKSTER BLACKMAIL!~

mortgage-fightThe nation knows the drill, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley sues the banks for doing what banks do…which is abuse homeowners, violate laws, demand (and receive) trillions of dollars from taxpayers, then tell the taxpayer to go screw off…oh and they also arrogantly scream we’re not gonna follow the laws.

They buy off law enforcement, like JPMorgan did with the New York Police….AND NOW, THE BANKSTERS TELL THE ENTIRE STATE OF MASSACHUSETTS….


GMAC Mortgage, the mortgage lender of Ally Financial Inc., is exiting the vast majority of its lending in Massachusetts a day after the state sued it and other lenders over its allegedly improper foreclosure practices, a decision the state’s attorney general called an admission.

The nation’s fifth-largest mortgage originator said it “has taken this action because recent developments have led mortgage lending in Massachusetts to no longer be viable.”

GMAC’s move, ratcheting up the high-stakes mortgage fight, comes after Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley sued the five biggest mortgage servicers Thursday, in the first government lawsuit targeting all five for alleged improper foreclosure practices including so-called robo-signing.


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  • Lit Gant says:

    So, the thieves want to cut and run when they are confronted. They should then not be allowed to take any profits from the state. They should not be allowed to remove value that equals the amount being sued for in the courts. They must not be allowed to dispose of property or hide assets. When they are gone, what will the state have to go after in the state? What is needed here is an injunction of some sort. Something can be done to show the rest of the thieves they cannot come in, rob, steal, rape, and plunder, and run away without being arrested and stoped.

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