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7.7 Trillion Dollars Given Away To Banks….And A Kid Arrested For Applying For A Job…

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How in God’s name can any judge grant another foreclosure, throwing the citizens that bailed the banks out into the street, when the very banks that are throwing the citizen out into the street sucked down trillions from the very taxpayer they’re now throwing into the street?

Seriously, how is this possible?   What’s wrong with this country that this is still happening?   When will judges wake up and just apply some honest to goodness fairness and stand up for the American people?

I feel pretty good about the fairness factor in most courtrooms in my area…but on a much larger sense, how can legislators, policymakers, appellate court judges and frankly any American who is not one of the 1% not see the fundamental unfairness about all of this and just lay down the law?

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Oh and another thing….an 18 year old kid wants a job with Brinks…he knocks on the window of a truck….AND HE’S ARRESTED…..

Read the story here

And in yet more proof that our national elections are a circus and a joke, DONALD TRUMP TO HOST GOP DEBATE…. you just can’t make this kind of stuff up…..

Oh, wait, one more thing….Herman Cain has apparently set up an organization called…..WOMEN FOR CAIN….really, that’s apparently not a joke…..





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  • James Israel says:

    Check out our ‘fake news’ story on this! “Fed Now Admits It Gave Goldman Sachs Deed to the USA” – Humor Times

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