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The Banks Are Burglars- (But They Get Away With It)- Mother Jones Article

burglar-banksThe banks are permitted to run wild.   Why should we expect there to be any consequences when they kick down your doors and throw your property into the streets, I mean after all, they stole billions from us already and was there a single indictment?   No.   Was there any punishment? No. Not only did they walk away Scott free, they were paid billions more in bailout money.   Not only were they paid billions in bailout money, they were paid $50 billion in mortgage modification money.   Not only were they paid $50 billion in mortgage modification money, here in Florida we paid $9.6 million to set up a foreclosure rocket docket to speed up the time it takes to throw a neighbor into the street and hired senior judges who don’t care to be bothered with pesky details like who actually has a right to foreclose.

God Save Us All If We Allow This To Continue….For Now We Must Rely On the Press to Save Us.


MotherJones Article Here

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