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The 49 State Attorney General Foreclosure Screwjob- IT’S EVEN WORSE THAN REPORTED!


There should be no shortage of press reporting on just how bad these bank settlements are.   The banks stole hundreds of billions, the headlines report they’ll be penalized “up to” a few billion, but the reality is their true cost is far less than the delusional headlines.

Here’s the latest and what may be one of the most offensive aspects of the settlements:

If a homeowner gets principal reduction on a second home, he may owe income taxes on that forgiveness. On the other hand…..


That’s right suckers…while the taxpayer will pay tax penalties for the “relief” provided, the criminal enterprises that accepted such sweetheart deals have in fact engineered deals that just get sweeter for them all the time!

Was this added bonus tax boodoggle known to the attorneys general that signed off on this offense to the American people or did they get bamboozled?   Either way The People get shafted once again

There can be no more clear example of the undeniable proof that the government in this United States serves the interests of the corporations than these three horrendous bank bailouts.

But perhaps even more disturbing is just how low the press in this country has sunk, reporting only the bullet point headlines on press releases fed to them, rather than actually doing real reporting. From HuffPo:

WASHINGTON (AP) “” Consumer advocates have complained that U.S. mortgage lenders are getting off easy in a deal to settle charges that they wrongfully foreclosed on many homeowners.

Now it turns out the deal is even sweeter for the lenders than it appears: Taxpayers will subsidize them for the money they’re ponying up.

The Internal Revenue Service regards the lenders’ compensation to homeowners as a cost incurred in the course of doing business. Result: It’s fully tax-deductible.

Critics argue that big banks that were bailed out by taxpayers during the financial crisis are again being favored over the victims of their mortgage abuses.

“The government is abetting the behavior by not preventing the deduction,” said Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa. “The taxpayers end up subsidizing the Wall Street banks after the headlines of a big-dollar settlement die down. That’s unfair to taxpayers.”

Under the deal, 12 mortgage lenders will pay more than $9 billion to compensate hundreds of thousands of people whose homes were seized improperly, a result of abuses such as “robo-signing.” That’s when banks automatically approved foreclosures without properly reviewing documents. HuffPo


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  • common law private attorney general Chris says:

    The Chicago MOB and their Global Bankster Gangster
    Co-CON-spiritors in League with a Few Special cupidic aider and abettor AG contumacious accessories In Fact are STEALING the World Blind and The American People Have to depend on the Thief in Chief’s Shyster mouthiness Legal mercenary to Protect US ? Hah These Militant Revolutionary Terrorists DEMOB have NO Compunction and are due a diligent Treasonous End per the prescription of the History? They could Probably settle the astronomical Fictitious Nation DEBT, by selling tickles to the Event? May the CREATOR save America from scurrilous Dogs and mere thieves? Pray for DEVINE intercession? Please pray?


    Quit your goddamn bitching! You have unwittingly agreed to this.
    The structure of the USA is such;
    The USA went bankrupt in 1933, and to “pay off debt and interest the US Congress “pledged” your life and labor as collateral for that debt.This is done by the registration of your Birth certificate into the Dept. of Commerce and Treasury makes a $1,000,000 bond, the FED prints that amount.
    And makes you pay it back,for the privilege of being a citizen.
    THEREFORE, any and all equity that flows out of you, evidenced by promissory notes or fake debt or taxes, will be squeezed out of you,in any and every way,shape and form.
    The ONLY way to get justice, is to Revoke your BC registration,in the process called Sovereign American, which makes you the Secured Party Creditor, WHO IS THEN IN CHARGE OF THAT $1,000,000. I have been suing GMAC, Wells Fargo since 2007,living in this house for Free for 5.5 years and wrote off $50,000.So yeah,it is true and it does wrok if you have the intelligence and the balls.Thankfully I have both,see I was born Irish,and this whole shitty system is handled by British agents,they are also known as lawyers, who are members of the BAR= British Arbitration Regency.Do not be a fool and expect someone else to do something for you.Everyone is stealing your money and equity,when they are in charge.

  • common law private attorney general Chris says:

    Per the Video: Ahmsi v. Hassell; Once the former NOTE; left the original contracting Parties and TRANSMUTED to some Not a Party of Interest Investing NEW party, NOT to the original Contract, now CHANGED to a Securitized Instrument was then SOLD or EN-Trusted to some nominee like M.E.R.S., or Assigned RE-allocated or otherwise RE-Conveyed, to other Investor Servicers than One ex parte party; to The specific original contract, absent “BOTH opposing parties” consent; Naked and UN-assigned en blanc, in to a Pool of Securitized Instruments, Under a Trust vehicle to create Salable Stock Certificates, The Service agreement bifurcated from Wet Ink on White Paper, Non existent NOTE, now Divorced alone service agreement MORPHS; from III to IV (a) and Changes FORM / nature from a NOTE to a new device styled as “securitized Trust Stock Certificates, likely to multiple greedy Bad INVESTORS, whom lawfully Lack: any determinate 1st party Interest in the diseased Contract?
    And M.E.R.S. cannot; as mere nominee, ever have any STANDING or Hold The now Vaporized, NO Longer existing NOTE, nor be a true bona fide Holder in due coarse of any thing that NO Longer Exists, we suggest?

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