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Florida Attorney General Announces $60 Million Available To “Help” Floridians

There’s a whole lot of snark in this post.   Take a look at how Florida’s….umm….I mean, The Banker’s Favorite Attorney General proposes to dole out some of the money stolen from taxpayers:

Attorney General Bondi’s proposal to help Floridians, which was approved by the Legislative Budget Commission today, includes the following: $35 million for down payment assistance; $10 million for housing counseling; $5 million provided to the State Courts to help with foreclosure-related issues; $5 million provided to the Attorney General’s Office to help fund legal aid programs; and $5 million provided to the Attorney General’s Office to reimburse the office and to continue its efforts to remedy abuses of the foreclosure process. more here


  • learning2 says:

    “…$35 million for down payment assistance…”

    I guess that helps the Bankster’s sub companies and other corps (that the Banksters actually own) buy back the properties.

    Hey, couple that with the perks for buying up Foreclosures in Blighted communities, such as no property tax or minimal property taxes – or tax credits for renting out these Foreclosed or Shadow Inventory, and you have another bonanza for the Banksters.

    We should all just get our checking, savings, CD, 401k, pension, annuity, life insurance accounts, physical valuables and any other valuables, and just send them to Bondi.

    Maybe Bondi can just tell us what address to send our valuables to and who to make the checks out to as well. This will help them speed up the robbery of the little people!

    Its a fact that the People know how to follow directions and generally do adhere to guidelines, laws, statutes et al, such as Federal, State, County and Municipal laws.

    Then, maybe, we can all just deliver ourselves to the nearest prison. That way they don’t have to pay for the police or sheriff services, we can skip the court process and save on delivery of our person to the prison.

    Now that’s how to save money, eh?

  • Bernie says:

    60 Mill WOW , sound like is enough for 400 homes. I can not even talk to my Broker , because he is in jail.

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