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Student Loan Ripoff- This Will Send Young, Angry Americans Into The Street.

Student-Loan-CollectionsI’m going to keep saying this because this subject will be one of the issues that sends this whole cauldron boiling over.

These angry kids that are protesting in the streets don’t even know how bad things are for them yet.   Right now they’re angry because they can’t find jobs.   Many understand they don’t have jobs because they (and all of America) have been utterly sold out by the White Collar Criminal Oligarchy.

Hardly any of them understand that they have been sold into a lifetime of bondage by the same group.

Hardly any of them can yet appreciate the full consequences of their debt slavery.

Hardly any of them understand their bonds are owned by the Wall Street players they are protesting.

But they will.

And when they find out. When we all find this out, it will be at least as destabilizing as the subprime boom….I’m betting it will be worse….from Brevard Times:

The U.S. Government paid over $2 billion to private debt collection contractors to collect just under $1 billion for Fiscal Year 2011.

While researching data regarding  today’s recent headline that the Obama administration wants to make it easier for private companies contracted by the U.S. Department of Education to collect student loan debt by calling cell phones, a little publicized fact came to light:
U.S. taxpayers are needlessly losing billions of dollars each year in collections costs that the U.S. government  could be  collecting without the help of private debt collection contractors.