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State of Florida Gets The Final Settlement…This Time With LPS….NOW THE BANKS CAN REALLY POUND ON CONSUMERS WITH ABANDON!


So the final settlement with the cabals that brought this nation to the brink of economic collapse was just announced a few minutes ago…


And the sub headline:


They are popping champagne and having a raucous party in the boardrooms of banks and document mills all across the country!

Now that the settlements are done, and now that the banks have filtered a few dollars back down to courts to get their courtrooms properly staffed,



TALLAHASSEE (AP) “” The state will  get an $8.6 million share of a national settlement with a loan processing company over improper mortgage foreclosure practices, included ” robo-signing“.

Attorney General Pam Bondi said Thursday the settlement is with Jacksonville-based Lender Processing Services Inc. and its subsidiaries. The total settlement is $120 million for 46 states and the District of Columbia.

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  • Patti Coleman says:

    Over a million documents fraudulently recorded. My chain of title has been seriously damaged. My house is worth-less because I can’t convey clear title knowing what I know. I will be filing a declatory judgment/Quiet Title soon. Let’s see how FL courts handle the flood of QT actions that are coming. They may have to shift from funding the “rocket dockets” to real lawsuits.

  • Deborah Cahill says:

    yes, Bondi is definitely in favor of the Banks, which are Floridas
    main staple, now, for jobs, etc…..

    I had referred a case to her, that is really bad, I also referred to US Justice Department, SEC and numerous other entities.
    All referrals to Bondi have been answered with replies like that isnt our problem…… etc…. The last one I sent back and said well, just wanted to inform you that the US Dept of Justice is looking at your state…..
    FYI (hopefully)
    In the Foreclosure proceedings against Southern Waterview Development Inc and Beach House Residences Inc., an entity involving Martha Cesery Taylor and Walter Q Taylor, both Jax Fl architects, The Jacksonville Bank and their attorney Jay Brown with Senterfitt, foreclosed on the loan secured by about 17 parcels, oceanfront rental property, shovel ready for construction of a 37 unit condo Green L.E.E.D. approved structure, worth about 49 million when finished.
    One of the oceanfront properties, consisting of 1.4 ocean front acres, had
    been years in acquiring, as they bought a parcel at a time, and was valued with an appraisal of 14 million. Jax Bank issued a mortgage in 2009, with a due date of 1 year, or option for renewal or modification. The Taylors had renewed, modified, added collatteral, paid, etc. from an original loan from
    around 2001, which was never presented, but those were consolidated in October 2009, collatteralizing their personal property and an illgained money market account, listed as security interest against the 6 million dollar loan, still with un listed dollar value, as of this date, in the proceedings. Jacksonville Banks mortgage of 10/09 states none of the property is homesteaded and that they have the right to choose to put payments on interest or principal. Jax Bank also required collatteral of two oceanfront Ocean 13 condominiums, in Jax Beach, as well, for security. Being aware of the prospect of the development, because the Taylors had sent the investors to Jax. Bank, to prove they could build the project, Jacksonville Bank, at this time, also listed development rights, the rights Martha Taylor had fought JacksonvilleBeach City for, when they changed zoning on height limitations
    during their plans, which allows them to build the only structure ever again, unless codes are changed over 2 stories on the oceanfront of in Jax Beach.
    Florida. Jax Bank included the architectural plans, drawn and created by the Taylors, the permits, renderings, everything imaginable on the last October 2009 Mortgage, indicating their plan was to take this property and initiate a default, to get it. When the loan came due, the bank took the money paid by the Taylors and applied it to principal instead of interest, putting SWD and Beach House Residences Inc into immediate default. Despite attempts to
    modify, prove the property was worth more than the loan, Florida foreclosures are for equity of the loan and two offers of signed approved contracts on the two oceanfront Condominiums, which would have paid $500,000.000 to Jacksonville bank, to keep the loan open and the development project going and to be able to build the structure, Jax Bank refused. The first act was to evict and foreclose on the personal home (the homesteaded property, listed on the 2009 Mortgage as 106 Hampstead Villas, also 4706 Epping Forest a riverfront exclusive gated community where martha had owned and lived for 29 years, and was before the Jacksonville Bank, endeavor free and clear of debt. Jax Bank kept Martha in a legal procedure for over 2 hours while they
    prepared the eviction notice, the bank attorney appeared at the property and blocked the moving van, which was moving The Taylors personal property from the home and waited for the sheriffoffice to come drill the locks, and literally throw her out, without all of her belongings. Then they proceeded to
    throw the belongings out in front of the gated community, on the street on San Jose Blvd. making it a public spectacle. They were homeless, and Jacksonville Bank had seized the other loan, a HELOC loan, they were utilizing to repair the child hood home of the Taylors, that was also riverfront property, valued in the millions, but due to mold, the Taylors were revitalizing. The Taylors had taken the windows out when Jacksonville Bank took their line of credit leaving them with no capital to install the windows, so the house is still standing with mold hanging from it. The Jacksonville Bank also seized the retirement account, a CD, in loan negotiations, when Martha Taylor arrived at the bank on a modification, to sign closing papers, Jax Bank informed her that
    the loan committee had not met yet, so if she wanted to close the loan, she could merely electronically transfer her 999,000.00 CD which was their retirement and their 10 year old daughter college fund, and also her bank secured line of credit of 500K, to them for only 13 days until the loan committee met. She transferred it in good faith, and has not seen it since.
    Jax Bank Attorney Jay Brown, had conferred with the Taylors, when they sought an attorney for advice about bankruptcy. After hearing their financial situation and confidential info, for about 2 hours, he informed them he did not have the time for their case but he referred them to another Atttorney, friend of his
    Mickler. They retained Mickler, and when they arrived to Personal Bankruptcy Court they saw Jay Brown and found out he was the Jacksonville Bank ATtorney and that he had filed motions in their bankruptcy case. Jay Brown filed a stipulation on their personal bankruptcy case, sought in 2010, for 2.5 million dollars of unsecured debt. Then in 2011, he initiated foreclosure proceedings against their corporate property. when they filed chapter 11 with their corporation, Brown used the info and a ucc filing to claim the milliondollar cd and the right to foreclose anyway on the property, He had filed 2 separate foreclosure proceedings in lower district court, and filed motions against both their bankruptcies, corporate and personal, Finally, due to his filings and interference, the judge dismissed the corporate bankruptcy after 2 months.
    None of the actions have been accounted for in the dismissed corporate bankruptcy and Jax Bank, at Browns hands, proceeded and managed to foreclose on all the property, even though the Hampstead Property was homesteaded and listed prior to foreclosure as personal property in the chapter 11 personal bankruptcy. it is still listed in that bankruptcy that was confirmed in 2011 prior to the foreclosures. Having successfully foreclosed on the homestead and evicting Taylor, Brown refused any negotiations or offers to continue the loan. Jacksonville Bank, in theone court case, re the homestead, stated it was to be sold at auction. The Jacksonville Bank, instead, paid the 2 years back taxes on the homesteaded property, subject of Chapter 11 personal bankruptcy, and got a title certificate, without going through tax
    deed title process, for $55,000. They then issued a warranty deed to another banker, Beth McCague, with the EVP signature on it of Candella, and the property appraiser shows Jacksonville Bank, after claiming it for themselves,
    turned around and sold it to McCague for $550,000, a month after they got the tax certificate title. The bank put the 1.4 acre oceanfront parcels up for bid on sheriffs office, with no minimum bid requirement. After advertising it in the DAILY REGISTER, a small paper, no consumers read, they put it on auction and bid on it themselves securing it for $330,000.00 The property is appraised on the propety appraiser site of Duval, County Florida for 13 million Fair market value. No certified appraisal was ever done by state certified appraisal requirements. The Jacksonville Bank then transferred the title to the 1.4 acres of oceanfront property along with claims for the development rights, permits, architectural plans, etc to their AFFILLIATE company, TJB Properties for no monetary value listed, for the property back and forth between the companies. TJB Properties is incorporated by other bank employees.
    Jax Bank attorneys then put the two oceanfront condos on auction and a consumer out bid them on one of them. Jax Bank had the sale cancelled,
    the deposit money refunded, then advertised it again and sold it on auction to themselve. The other oceanfront condo was secured by Jax Bank, at auction,
    the $550,000 sales contracted property was obtained by Jacksonville bank for $175,00 and $135,000. Both of those properties were also transferred with no money changing on the books to the affilliated company TJB properties.
    The Taylors had numerous attorneys, and numerous attorneys not only withdrew from their case, after being threatened with sanctions from the bank attorney, Jay Brown, of Senterfitt, they also withdrew their motions. One motion for a stay in the foreclosure was actually granted, but had been heard in the wrong court. Jay Brown quickly disposed of that stay and threatened that attorney, who withdrew and withdrew his motion of opposition. Walter Q Taylor 74, is well known and receipient of numerous awards for his architectural contributions and his preservation efforts. Walter did the Orlando Airport, the Duval County Courthouse, preserved the only turn of the century mansion, the porter house, still standing in JAcksonville Florida,
    to name a few of his contributions to the area. Martha Cesery Taylor, daughter of William Cesery, the major developer of Jacksonville Floridas Arlington Area, and whose name Cesery Blvd was used , and whose siblings through Cesery Corporation recently acquired the old downtown library, all three of whom are 3rd generation Jacksonville Florida Residents, have contributed to the area for over 100 years, both in business and through their contributions and support of the ARTs, and many other entities are now homeless, Walter, had been through cancer treatment, open heart surgery and hip replacement, all during the time when they were also going through the economic downturn difficulties, their ten year old daughter is now experiencing panic attacks, depression, health issues, and has been hospitalized for various problems. She had never lived in any other place than the Epping Forest Hampstead 16 residence. The eviction was more traumatic on the child than anyone, the timing of the eviction, right around Thanksgiving, then the eviction from their office, which was on the 1.4 acres, foreclosed on, was December 2012, right at the holidays. Already homeless, the Taylors had no place to work. They had no income, because the first thing Jacksonville Bank Attorney did, after noticing the properties with Lis Pendens, indicating they were in litigation, thus handicapping any of the investment capitalists hopes of saving the project, prior to the residential foreclosure, had diverted the income from all of the rental properties, to a receiver, which took away all their business working capital, whom he paid 200.00 per hour for his services, and who is claiming he is owed over 25,000 for his services as receiver on the propety. Before the receiver was appointed the propeties brought in between 14,000 and 16,000 per month. Receiver claims he is spending more than he is getting in rent. No accounting for any of these issues has been required or presented as of this date. Currently, as his latest maneuver, Jay Brown, attorney for Jacksonville Bank, filed a motion in the Taylors Confirmed Chapter 11 personal bankruptcy to have a receiver appointed, have their Chapter 11 changed to a chapter 7 or dismissed. They Taylors, once again unformed of a hearing, because their bankruptcy attorney had motioned to withdraw, were not in attendance at the preliminary hearing where the receiver was tentatively appointed. A few days ago, Martha Taylor managed to get to a hearing she was noticed of with very short notice, and represent to the judge she had not been informed of hearings, etc…. and the Bankruptcy judge gave her 30 days to get new counsel. She is trying desperately to get counsel, although in the transcripts Brown objects because he says there is no money for new counsel…..

  • csaba bokros says:

    Lets take this New World Naked Capitalist turn into Communist Dictators out off office right now

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