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Senate Bill 1666…A Very Powerful Response To Those Who Are Pushing Foreclosure “Reform” in Florida

This letter represents the best example of powerful citizen activism that I’ve seen. Read just how clear it is, how direct and to the point.   I only hope that the message gets through, but am fearful that the overpowering of special interests is drowning out the voices of citizens.

I am a Business Owner and Homeowner and I have worked with
business owners and hard working people in Pinellas County for 20 years on a
very close, day by day basis.

I, just like the rest of the people have managed to raise my family in
Pinellas County. My question to you is why? What is the reason that you
feel it necessary to clear a backlog of foreclosures just to put people into
the streets? I really don’t understand this. To me, it is like saying,
hey, we have too many people in jail, so let’s just let them out and they
can move into the empty houses. (At least we don’t have to feed them

Where Is common sense in what you are proposing. Why aren’t you interested
in making a Bill that supports the Legal Defenses and the good lawyers of
Legal Defenses. The Plaintiffs of these foreclosures have already received
their compensation and have done nothing to help the people who they have
robbed of their property.

Most of the foreclosures that you want to be so quick to get rid of in the
system are already having sale dates and these very hard working people are
already losing their homes. I know firsthand that they were not
irresponsible and I know how hard they are working.

They don’t have the legal representation that they need because they cannot
afford it and they are losing their homes through no fault of their own.
The only Bills you should be working on is how to keep people in their
homes. That is the only way you can do good to resolve this negative
historical event that was caused by the Hedge Funds. Regular people, like
us have no power against the Hedge Funds. Our court system is all we have
and we need Legal Defense and those Legal Defense lawyers need the support
of the powerful Legislators like you! You can be the Hero of the people.
This is your chance! We are begging you! I have to speak for others, they
are too embarrassed and too broke to speak up.

Your Bill 1666 is not necessary and it needs to be Quashed. To continue the
hostility towards the Good Foreclosure Defense Lawyers and do nothing to
help people stay in their homes is an affront to humanity.

I really do find it difficult to understand what your motive is. The people
need your help to Fight the Banks. The Banks do not need your help. They
already got their pay day. What are you thinking? We already have the very
best judicial system in the world. Why can’t we have the best Legislators
in the world, too?


  • Bernie says:

    I just found on the Dep of FS unclaimed property an Bank Payment from 2001 .If would have this check in 2009 I would not be in foreclosure.That is how the banks make money , except this is out
    of business.

  • d. lennon says:

    Thank You, to the author of this exceptional letter. While many of the advocates of persevering “the very best judicial system in the world”, have spoken long and well in this demise of justice our legislators largely ‘follow the money’.

    Those marked for the streets are openly met with disdain – those who defend us are marked for retaliation. The numbers of foreclosures alone scream that bank professionals failed in fiduciary responsibility. In depth investigation has proven much more.

    Encouraged by the above author’s straight forwardness, I would ask that banks be held accountable for “pushing unsustainable, deceptive mortgages”. Far too many, who viewed the banks as icons of trust were misled. Misled in such great numbers that a reasonable person would conclude that it was an anointed business practice, that continues to profit the Banks.

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