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Message To Florida Republicans: Clean Your Own House Before Throwing Consumers Out of Theirs

voter-registrationsAnother day, another scandal for the Republican party.   The high profile case that featured serious charges against the former head of the party Jim Greer mysteriously closed a few weeks ago and now the general public will never know for certain whether the girls on the golf carts were really prostitutes shipped in to entertain the party big whigs.   I wonder if their wives will learn the truth?

But that was last month’s scandal.   Don’t get stuck in the past…fast forward to the even more disturbing scandal of the day.   This one features the second in command in the Republican party doing front work for a despicable gambling operation that used Floridian’s sympathy for veterans as cover for illegal gambling.

The party and their leaders took in hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes, otherwise known as campaign contributions, from these gambling houses and used them to fund the rest of the corrupt activities, otherwise known as Republican party business.   They’re all in damage control….or not really….they seem to think this is all just business as usual…here’s my favorite quote:

Republican Party of Florida chairman Lenny Curry, who like Carroll is from Jacksonville, called Carroll a “great leader for our party and our state.”

And while all this is going on, Florida’s Republicans are busy pushing their anti-consumer platform of fascist legislation through the state legislature, including House Bill 87 by Representative Passidomo and Senate Bill 1666 by Senator Jack Latvala.   Well Latvala has other things on his mind this week, including figuring out how much of the ill gotten loot he took from the Allied Veterans to return.   And while the Grand Old, Old Party is scrambling around, their leaders are still pounding on tables screaming about


Absurdly ironic coming from the likes of the Florida GOP isn’t it?   One would think that perhaps they would all just sit back, re-evaluate and really focus on cleaning up their own house before they continue their obsessive focus of throwing Florida families out of theirs…but then arrogance knows no boundaries.

Juxtapose all of this with the leadership and common sense of Orlando’s Senator Darren Soto….he’s aggressively pushing reforms and measures that really do benefit consumers.   Google his name to find out about the press conference he recently held and learn about the proposals he has that really will benefit Florida consumers…

I’d like to be optimistic and believe that a new day of leadership and concern for Florida families is coming.

But it all depends on you.   Log onto Soto’s Facebook page and tell him he’s got your support.

Remove your support for Florida’s corrupt Republicans.   Change your voter registration. Click here for a simple form that will allow you to do it.   Filling the form out takes about two minutes.   Either you support the corruption or you don’t.

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