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Have You Been Ripped Off By A Scam Charity? FILE A COMPLAINT!

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As detailed in other posts on this website, WeidnerLaw is suing a shady entity operating out of Pompano Beach Florida called the “Breast Cancer Research and Support Fund”. I’ve taken depositions and continue to engage in deep discovery to pull back the layers on just what’s behind this organization.

All of the documents related to this litigation are public records, and the public is encouraged to review them all here.

The question about Breast Cancer Research and Support Fund is, “just how much of the money they claim on their IRS form 990’s is actually spent on anything that has anything remotely to do with “breast cancer research and support”?

The next set of questions all relate to what, if anything state and federal regulators are doing to prevent unsuspecting consumers from having their precious charity dollars siphoned off to organizations that do not maximize the return to legitimate charities.

Have a look at a lawsuit that was filed by the Federal Trade Commission and which targeted a similar scam:


If you receive a phone call from the Breast Cancer Research and Support Fund or any other shady “charity” and believe they are trying to scam you, contact the Florida Department of Consumer Services and Leave a Complaint

And, importantly, if you have left a donation to any type of charity that you believe may be operating as a scam, contact me to discuss the conditions under which a class action lawsuit may be brought, similar to the one found here:


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