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Breast Cancer Research and Support Fund- Sleazy?- Just How Much Do They Give to Cancer? (Not Much)

The Breast Cancer Research And Support Fund filings show that community Charity Advancement was paid an eye popping $3,103,553.53!

See the allegations in the lawsuit I filed:

On August 12, 2015, at 9:34 a.m. EST, Plaintiff Weidner’s cellular telephone rang from a number identified as 904-575-3774. When Plaintiff answered the phone a prerecorded female voice message began speaking identifying herself as an agent of the “Breast Cancer Research and Support Fund”. The message indicated that the call was placed to me for the purpose of soliciting donations to the entity identified and that donations provided would be used to fund cancer research and provide care to patients suffering from cancer. The female voice next entered into an automated script where she suggested that a $15.00 donation would be most appropriate. At some point after the monolog began it became apparent that the voice was a prerecorded script because the voice would not respond to inquiries or questions. After the unsolicited telephone call, your undersigned called back the telephone number where a prerecorded message identified the source of the call as, “The Fundraising Center”. Next, your undersigned Googled the name “Breast Cancer Research and Support Fund” and located the website Upon reviewing the website, your undersigned became suspicious that the Defendants did not represent an actual or legitimate charitable organization based in part upon the identification of many nationally recognized cancer treatment centers as, “Program Partners”. Your undersigned suspects that these reputable institutions are not in fact affiliated in any way with the Defendants and that their identity is being used in furtherance of a fraudulent charitable solicitation scheme.

Complaint Filed

Exhibit Complaint


And See this review of the Breast Cancer Research and Support Fund

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