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Pam Bondi- Soft on Banksters And A Most Bizarre Accusation That’s Apparently Not True

It’s certain that I will be targeted for continuing to tell stories like this, but here they are anyway:

First, The Orlando Sentinel reports what the whole world knows anyway:

As attorneys general in other foreclosure-battered states step up their investigations into fraudulent mortgage practices by large U.S. banks, some Florida groups are accusing state Attorney General Pam Bondi of being soft on the giant lenders.

Florida’s Democratic state senators recently released a video that targets Bondi, a Republican elected to a nonpartisan office. Titled “Ignoring the Florida Foreclosure Crisis,” the video contrasts new fraud investigations launched by California Attorney General Kamala Harris with controversial forced resignations of two key mortgage-fraud investigators in Bondi’s Fort Lauderdale office.


And a most bizarre situation/dustup between Florida’s AG and our Governor’s newest “Dear Project” Major Gambling in the state….the story is just too weird, but this is Florida after all…..Bondi better get the message, Scott has sold the state to the gambling interests and she’s screwing that deal up.   Guaranteed she’ll get the message and pipe down….and real quick…..






  • J. R. Homeowner says:

    Pam Bondi???!!

    I just can’t understand why everyone is so upset with an LPS employee doing what they’re paid to do.

  • Letty says:

    Foreclosure Mills off the hook she is wanting to prosecute people who are not breaking the law by claiming adverse possesion a law that exists in all 50 states but she allows the banks to adversarily posses thousands of peoples homes through fraud and not a single attorney disbarred or ceo prosecuted yes go after the little man but not the too big to fail steal my tax money recieve bailout money corporations

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