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Foreclosure Defense Florida

Palm Beach Post- Fannie Mae fires second South Florida law firm

(I wonder what happens to all those files that got transferred? So much for that swarthy swagger I saw in court yesterday, the mill attorney proudly asserting the right for any old party to foreclose, picking up files and arguing for one firm after another, just having a field day in the courtroom…a real grand pooh bah.)

Federal mortgage giant Fannie Mae has cut ties with a second South Florida law firm handling its foreclosure cases, requiring an immediate transfer of those files to other attorneys and likely causing more turmoil in the state’s foreclosure courts.

The termination of its relationship with the Fort Lauderdale firm of Ben-Ezra & Katz, P.A. was announced today in a notice to loan servicers. The notice says payments to the firm should be stopped immediately and gives servicers a Feb. 15 deadline to find new firms to handle the Ben-Ezra & Katz files.

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