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Dangerous Expansion of The Senior Judge Program….PLAN TO COME TO TALLAHASSEE MARCH 9TH

Many believe the use of senior judges to clear the foreclosure docket is a dangerous infringement on Constitutional Rights.   One of the few arguments that prevent it from being directly challengable is the proposition that the use is only a temporary situation.   The moment this starts extending beyond temporary, one of the main arguments against formal challenge is gone.   With that in mind, why the expansion being proposed in the Legislature?

I object to the expansion of the senior judge program on many levels, but a key argument is the net effect is it helps our legislature to avoid the critical underfunding that is crippling our entire judicial system and accordingly, working destruction on our entire system of government.   As the Florida Supreme court recently acknowledged, our courts are “operationally underfunded”.

As lawyers and as Floridians, we must demand that our courts and our judges get the funding our Constitutional rights deserve.

This and other legislation will be the subject of our efforts in Tallahassee on March 9th….please make plans to attend!

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