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Our Soldiers Fought And Died To Protect Bankster And Wall Street Fraud….

I stumbled across a video of a soldier, reunited with her dog after returning from Afghanistan, on YouTube.   I think often of those soldiers that went abroad to fight….exactly what were they fighting for again?   What were the liberating?   Were they fighting for people or for Haliburton and the defense contractors? And when they return home, what do we have to present to them?   Did the “leadership” of this nation protect and defend our homeland while they were getting shot at and attacked?

The answers to those questions are not at all pleasant.   We all know we’d rather not ask those questions, much less be confronted with the horrifying answers.

I do wonder, what happens when they all get home…when they all start to realize how much we’ve all been lied to…and just how much they’ve had to suffer…and how much they will continue to suffer for the rest of their lives…

Meanwhile, back here on the homefront, the banks are throwing them and their families out into the street….routinely ignoring the Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act with impunity….

I commit to consult with an soldier or first responder who has suffered in foreclosure….and every attorney should do the same…..



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