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Student Loan Debt – Making Slaves of America’s Youth…

studen-loan-debitsThere will be no recovery in this nation.   The banks have made slaves and serfs out of us all.   They have sapped the life out of a formerly vibrant nation filled with proud, industrious and entrepreneurial people.

It’s bad that it has happened to any of us, much less to all of us and especially to the young people who never even got to start.

The government sold them off just like slaves to private debt collectors…..and now, they are seizing paychecks…next comes debt prisons.

The elections are rigged, four more years of the Nobel peace prize winning emperor in chief who, along with his ReTHUGliCON handlers, will dig us all even deeper.

it’s all so clear, but especially in Student Loan collections…..

sallie mae loan collections

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    Dear Matt, I hear you loud and clear.I agree with everything you are saying.I feel the same way, maybe even more disgusted.
    I have told you and others the only way to fight this.
    It is the Strawman argument, the Sovereign American movement, the fact of the Secured Party Creditor status.Yet all avoid this and remain slaves.I have been fighting a foreclosure and living “free” in this home for 55 months, due to fraud by GMAC and others.
    I am a “Pro Se” so why am I having so much success? I know the crux, the predicate Matt.It is the Birth Certificate [promissory note] which begins the process.You of all people, have THE perfect opportunity to move this country in the right direction, but like John F. Kennedy, will be treated as a threat.All who challenged the Federal Reserve were put down.James McFadden in 1933, gave a speech about the corruption and was later killed.
    The Credit River decision made by Judge Mahoney got him killed.
    But if many people got together, then they can’t be killed they would have to be heard.Yes maybe the sheep will go willingly into FEMA camps.Herding the sheep.I am Sovereign, Christian and will fight evil cock suckers like John Stumpf CEO of Wells Fuckyou, and any lawyer or judge whop aids and abets his Fraud.
    The Strawman argument is supported by the UCC.

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