Florida’s laws regarding Notary requirements have changed rather dramatically, to include both online notarization, but which will require changes for in person notarization as well. The key thing is all notary blocks must be changed to reflect the circumstances under which they were notarized:

Pursuant to Fla. Stat. § 117.05 (4)(c), whenever notarizing a signature, the notary public must
complete a notarial certificate containing an indication as to whether the signer personally
appeared before the notary public by physical presence (the notary personally witnessed the signing
in her or his physical presence) or by means of audio-video communication technology as authorized
by the new statute. For example, the statute requires something like the following:

The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me, by means of  physical presence
or  online notarization, this ____ day of _______, ____(year), by _______________________.
Sworn to (or affirmed) and subscribed before me by means of  physical presence or  online
notarization, this ____ day of _______, ____(year), by ______________________ …
This new notary acknowledgment language is required for every notarization after January

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