It goes without saying that we are all living in unprecedented times. In this post and in these videos, I present radical information that is extreme…and frightening.

What I’m suggesting is that if you’re experiencing economic anxiety (and who among us isn’t?), now is the time to circle your family financial wagons and focus your family and personal finances on keeping your own family safe, healthy and unified.

NOT Paying Debts During COVID – Ominous Signs and Warnings

In the last financial crisis I counseled thousands of families who suffered through intense financial anxiety. I watched families get ripped apart. I saw families get destroyed.

This crisis is going to be worse. Far worse. Worse by many, many degrees. Wider, longer. Far More Harsh.

Conjure up your most dire and darkest financial nightmare. Now multiply that x10…you just cannot imagine how bad things are going to become.

A big part of what informs my opinions here has to do with what we can all see occurring with the employment figures. Already worse than the Great Depression….and we’re only now getting started. Things are going to get so, so, so much worse. Entire industries are wiped out and they’re not coming back. Restaurants are not coming back anywhere near what they were before. Travel is not going to exist as it was before. Building and housing. Gone now…and not coming back.  And worse than unemployment is the impact this is going to have upon all of us. It’s terrifying. We are a fractured nation already and the divides that are already apparent are only going to become far worse.

So as you think through where you are today, understand that what I’m suggesting is that because I see nothing but an utterly catastrophic, dystopian world where severe economic strains exacerbate already extreme conflicts among the population. Make no mistake there are going to be legal and economic consequences for not paying debts during COVID…but the larger issue I see is that courts will be unable to come close to dealing with the deluge of claims…and all of that will be secondary to survival.

VIDEO(S): NOT Paying Debts During COVID

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