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Non-Judicial Foreclosure Act to Be Debated in Florida Senate Commitee/REMOVED FROM HOUSE COMMITTEE AGENDA!

Judicial Foreclosure ActI don’t have the Agenda yet, but I have word that the Florida Senate’s version of the non-judicial foreclosure bill will come before the Florida Senate’s Banking and Insurance Committee beginning at 9:00 a.m.

Attached here is the Senate’s Most Excellent Analysis of this bad, bad legislation.   I say the analysis is excellent because I used facts from the analysis to respond to Senator Bennett’s support of this legislation on this morning’s Bay News Nine interview.

Among the problems:

  • Foreclosures filing fees fund 25% of the entire state’s judicial budget. (Why aren’t foreclosure judges getting that money to root out fraud and abuses?)
  • Non judicial foreclosure poses constitutional problems.
  • Unclear how to police banks to ensure fairness.
  • Based on the Uniform Non Judicial Foreclosure Act. (This isn’t in there, but apparently this “uniform” act has been around since 2002 and not a single state has adopted it.   Florida would be the first to adopt this right stripping, homeowner abusing legislation.)

Anyway, the goods are all in there…have a look, read it carefully and use the facts in it to respond to Senators. The committee members you want to be contacting are here.

Make it a special point to contact Senator Mike Bennett’s Office…he’s sponsoring this bad, bad legislation….let’s light his phones up as they make it into committee meeting this morning at 9:00 am.

District Office:
Wildewood Professional Park, Suite 90
3653 Cortez Road West
Bradenton, FL 34210
(941) 727-6349
Senate VOIP: 42100
FAX (941) 727-6352

Legislative Assistants:
Cheryl Ennis and Crystal Fitzgerald

Margaret Clark

Tallahassee Office:
322 Senate Office Building
404 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1100
(850) 487-5078

LATE BREAKING NEWS – the House Bill has been removed from the 9:00 am committee agenda–that’s good news, but don’t be led into a false sense of complacency thinking that the house bill is dead….this ugly beast can AND WILL raise its ugly head again.   There is simply too much money at stake here and the bankers are not just going to go away!~


If/when we win this battle and kill this bad bill, the attorneys who have dedicated themselves to fighting the abuses of the court and unfairness of the banks are still taking our message to the Capital on Wednesday April, 21, 2010!

Homeowners and activists are certainly encouraged to join us there….your voices are being heard..keep up the work, keep the pressure on….




  • elisa slack says:

    I am so thankful for people like you who are still the “Hero’s among us”… thank you for what you are doing for those of us who were not even aware of what the house and senate are doing.

    I feel so discouraged, I emailed and called all of the Representatives (even my local rep) and I did not receive any one email back, nor did anyone return my call… it is almost as if they avoid us.

    What can someone like myself do besides call and email?? I feel useless, and admire you for your activism.

  • ilouie says:

    Are you up against Florida Default Law Group? If so, the Florida state Attorney General wants to hear all about the fraudulent documents, false statements, incompetent affidavits, etc!

    Call Deanna Pierce at the Florida Attorney General’s Office and request an affidavit form to submit a complaint. 954-712-4625

  • Alina says:


    Do you have a Facebook account or any other social network account? I would encourage you to post an open letter to Bennett and the other Senators letting them know how you feel.

    It’s worked for me and I have everyone on my Facebook calling, emailing, faxing, etc.

    btw, that’s how I got my rep to call me.

  • daniela mars says:

    I want to investigate what is the real reason why this Senator wants to change the Florida Law JUST NOW … I am going to secure funds to do this investigation.

    Another thing: how abou calling the bankers associations and telling them we will take our money out of their banks. A bank with no money is NOTHING!

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