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Florida Senate Delays Consideration of Anti Consumer Non Judicial Foreclosure Action

But we need now more than ever to be in Tallahassee on April 21, 2010 to make sure this dies for certain.

Good Work Everyone!


  • Lynn Vlaming says:

    What the lawmakers and the people of Florida need to keep in mind is that when the Lenders threw all this loans at the people of Florida, they did so with inflated appraisals, inflating the values of the properties throughout the country and with promises that they would refinance properties easily when rates were adjusted. They were sure of the values and the continuance of values, promising to be there for the borrower when payments would readjust.

    I really have a hard time with the terms Creditor and Debtor. These times are very unusual and the Lenders really need to take care of the Borrowers. After all, they did make a lot of money with all this. Now, all they want to do is collect, collect, and collect… Even if a Borrower does somehow pay off their loan, who are they paying?? Does anyone really know whether another entity will come along one day and say, hey! you paid the wrong person, you owe me the money instead…
    Think about it.

  • ilouie says:

    Great news…

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