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Mr. President- TEAR DOWN THIS WALL (street)

At some point in time, the American people…all the American people are going to wake up. I fear that when this wake up call comes, it will be a very painful and traumatic wake up call.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is just the beginning. Admittedly small, but powerful and frankly quite dangerous.   Both to the established order and to the way of life that this country is currently infected by.

This current way of life is not sustainable. This country has become a lie.   It has become a lie because our leaders, both elected and business, have become utterly corrupt. Truth and consequences no longer matter.   Lies and greed drive all. Wall Street and Goldman Sachs have supplanted the ideals and principles embodied in our former national center, Washington, DC.

Just watch what is happening in Washington….you won’t see it on the mainstream news….




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