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Leaked, “TOP SECRET” emails From The Florida Attorney General’s Office on the Fraudclosure Firings.

I will withhold commentary about the various issues that are presented in the following documents and correspondence that are attached in the link below.   Okay, I cannot entirely resist, so here’s just one question…..


If I notarize a signature by the person signing the signature is not the person, is that not just plain old forgery?   Is that not Notary Fraud?

Oh and just read this email:

We just received notification that the MI AG (Bill Schuette) announced the issuance of criminal subpoenas against LPS and DOCX. When I called, the assigned investigator hadn’t even heard of the AG meeting with LPS. I know that Michigan was already committed to be a non-site attendee. Could I talk to you about this issue generally? These public announcements can deeply impact LPS’s business operations and stock price and seem unnecessary if the AGs who issue them have already agreed to a meeting.

Really?   So the public finding out that you are the target of an Attorney General investigation has a negative impact on stock price?   And such disclosures are “unnecessary” because a meeting had been agreed to?   But what would come of such a meeting? And why should a proposed meeting have any   impact on an active investigation?

What is apparent, not just in the case of the firing of the Florida Attorneys who were investigating Fraudclosure, but also in the utter lack of any investigation of prosecution of any of the parties related to the nationwide scourge that is the foundation of the White Collar Criminal Oligarchy that runs this country, is that our elected officials can be bought and paid for both in writing laws and in the decisions not to prosecute or investigate wrongdoing.

Read the attached documents carefully.   Can you pick out the extraordinary issues that are presented?


 and then read these emails:

Julian emails

Butler emails

At what point in time will the citizens of this country wake up and take notice of who their elected officials are actually working for?   This is why our country is becoming OCCUPIED……

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