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Our courts are already under serious attack….and now the Florida Legislature is in session…a wild, wild session.

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    One problem, judges working part-time hours while collecting full-time salary and benefits. This came to my attention June 15, 2010 during the 13th Circuit JNC interviews to fill the vacancy created when Judge Black was appointed to the 2dDCA. I attended the interviews as a nonlawyer observer, which are open to the public. The JNC was so concerned about judicial workloads that applicants were specifically asked what hours they planned to keep if appointed. One applicant described criticism he heard about judges leaving court early on Fridays, a situation so pervasive that one could “fire a bullet” in the Hillsborough courthouse it was so empty. Another applicant said he would work Fridays if appointed, said the courthouse is “desolate” on Friday. The applicant said some judges do not arrive for work until 10:00AM. I personally know of one judge who routinely leaves between 3:00pm and 4:00pm Mon.-Thurs., and noon on Friday, if she works at all on Friday. I believe the judge is working as counsel to the family business, a bank.

    No one complains about the judges for fear of retaliation.

    Neil Gillespie
    Ocala, Florida

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