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They’re Experimenting….On Us

monsanto-GMOThe two highest universal human needs are food first, then shelter.   From our position on the front lines of the Fraudclosure war, I see first hand how our government, at every level has been totally and completely corrupted, 100%.   This has been going on for decades now, but it is beyond dispute that everyone from the Presidents (both parties), to Congress, to state legislators and even down to the local level have completely surrendered or abdicated their responsibilities to keep Americans safe and secure in their homes.   MERS and the mortgage monster have chewed up our record property ownership, and law enforcement are content to let banks come in, kick down doors and throw your property into the street.   Oftentimes, courts go along with this.

The Jack booted thug cases are just the most dramatic example of how vulnerable we have become, but the breakdown of the entire legal system vis a vis foreclosure is an ongoing testament to just how desecrated our concept of protection from thuggery by an independent court system has become.   Our courts are not funded properly and the dominant player in disputes takes advantage of the void created to lie, cheat, bully and abuse.   Forget about your quaint notions of civil rights, due process and a higher legal power to protect you from this abuse…it’s gone.

I frankly see things as quite hopeless, especially here in Florida.   And as news comes from the legislative session now burbling in Tallahassee, I am confirmed that things are going to get much worse.   The state has a massive budget void and cuts must be made everywhere.   And while the state (that was you and me) are tapped out and busted, the stronger and more powerful forces aligned against us have more money than ever. (2010 was one of Wall Street’s most profitable ever)   While banks cannot fairly process loan modification or short sale paperwork, the big boys have been quite adept at shoving billion dollar profits in their pockets. (financed by you and I)   They are going to use every dollar and every strategy at their disposal to gut what’s left of due process in this state and bulldoze over whatever stands in their way….because we’ve got to GROW THIS ECONOMY!

The legislative bills that attack our courts that have been proposed in this session are TERRIFYING. A proposal to split the Florida Supreme Court , a proposal to limit the Florida Supreme Court’s ability to make rules (primarily because the legislature is furious, furious about the verified complaint rule) and now a proposal to fire, terminate, desecrate thousands of judicial assistants across the state.   And they are not done.   I promise you, there will be major legislation to “fix the foreclosure problem”.   Our courts are broke, busted, shut down.   Our entire state court system has become utterly dependent upon foreclosure filing fees to keep the lights on and to keep judges and staff employed.   The legislature just provided enough funding to keep the lights on for a few more weeks, but this is quite like providing crack to a junkie.   Our courts cannot be funded based on filing fees and our judges certainly should not be paid based on the number of cases they clear. (another extraordinary proposal coming out of this legislative session)

But that’s not what I wanted to start talking about.   I started this post because I wanted to share what I’m learning from farmers and country folks about what’s happening out far away from the cities.   All that prior discussion was the appetizer, just to set the stage for the main course.   The proposition I wanted to present is that our government has become totally corrupted and overtaken by business interests that are exploiting all of us.   If you do not believe or understand this proposition, I want some of whatever you’re taking….in fact, I want double of whatever you’re taking.

So if you understand just how corrupted our entire government has become and see how this is proven out so dramatically in relation to the most basic human need for shelter, then it won’t be too far a stretch for you to believe that the same principles have been allowed to infect the primary human need….food.

Until just a short time ago, I didn’t pay one lick of attention to food.   All I knew or cared about was there is a grocery store down the street and plenty of restaurants nearby.   But from my front row seat where I’m watching profound and absolute corruption first hand, I’ve realized just how vulnerable we really are.   I then started reaching out to the people with the dirt under their fingernails and they confirmed my worst fears….the same corporate thuggery that permeates our housing and economy has infected our food supply.   When you’ve got a little time google, “Monsanto and GMO” just to start.   Before that, think about the following and read the article below:

To the person who wanted to know if anyone commenting was actually a farmer with “on the ground” experience- I raise grass fed beef and pastured poutry and while I do not feed my cattle grain products, I can honestly say I noticed a definite difference in the behaviour of our broiler chickens once gmo soy (and corn) became standard fare at the feed stores (we get our grains custom ground)- the chickens refused to eat the soy component of the feed, and if they did eat it it was eaten last when there was no other choice left. And they took two weeks longer on average to reach the same weight as before the local feed mills became flooded with gmo feedstuffs. Commercial broilers are (sorry if I offend any chicken fanciers) as dumb an animal as you can get, and they had the brains to know something was wrong with the food. What do you think this crap is doing to us- eat anything with soy protiens or corn syrups/soilds not labled as organically certified and you are eating gmo too. They dont want gmo labled because people would be shocked to find out how much they consume on a daily basis.

More Here

Then read this:

  • Monsanto monopolizing the seed supply for the US”¦ and the world
  • Monsanto’s GMO seeds are designed to maximize use of pesticides, as well, further impacting the environment
  • Use of pesticides has already led to super-weeds that acquire resistance
  • Bacteria transfer genes directly. This could lead to super-bugs with unknown consequences
  • Monocultures ““ reliance on one crop ““ is bad agriculture. Reliance on a single strain could be disastrous. Biodiversity is nature’s insurance policy.
  • Traditionally, farmers have saved some of their crop as seed to plant the next season. It’s the heart of sustainability. Not with Monsanto ““ they want you to buy new seed from them every year. Keeping some of your crop to plant next season is a violation of your contract, and farmers get sued for it.
  • American farmers with access to credit can buy seed every year. But Monsanto is also pushing their product line in the developing world, destroying a 10,000-year-old system of sustainable agriculture.
  • Monsanto has a history of suing farmers for ” stealing” their patented genes”¦ when they get contaminated by pollen from nearby GMO fields. And the court system has generally backed Monsanto.
  • That same GMO gene contamination has already led to some farmers losing their organic certification.
  • Monsanto hired the mercenary company Blackwater (now Xe) to spy on anti-GMO activists.

Full Article Here Monsanto and GMO

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