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Jessica Ticktin Receives Another Endorsement For Palm Beach County Judge!

The commentary that press are making surrounding a most important judicial race in Palm Beach County is quite incredible. Normally, judicial races are quiet affairs with very neutral endorsements….but not this one.  The Palm Beach Post, Sun Sentinel and now Boca News have come out with glowing endorsements of Ticktin….and scathing criticism of her opponent, Diana Lewis.

This race is so important to all those voters out there that care about the interests of justice and who have respect for our judicial system.  Voting out a judge that has not met the expectations of the citizens is one of the most powerful political statements that we can make…

The press has spoken…and now it’s time for voters to speak…


Strong pluralities also rated her poorly for impartiality, common sense, and enforcing professionalism. Put more bluntly, Judge Lewis on the bench is rude, biased, unprofessional, and lacking in common sense.

The Florida Constitution requires that judges face reelection. If that means anything it means that the worst judges should be voted out.

There’s another key reason for our endorsement. We met Jessica Ticktin, she impressed us, and we think she’ll make a good judge. We’re not alone. The Sun-Sentinel (“the steady, fair temperament she would bring to the Circuit Court bench”) and Palm Beach Post (“Ticktin’s experience and demeanor make her a more than capable replacement.”) both endorsed Ticktin.