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Jeff Thigpen, John Obrien, Nancy Becker- Will Property Records Lead The People’s Revolution?

MERS-MachineEarlier today I posted another story of the banks breaking into a client’s home….and the disturbing news that yet again, law enforcement will not investigate, much less protect the helpless American from the abuses of the bank.

It has been just so frightening and disappointing for me to learn that we cannot count on law enforcement or courts to protect us from the banks.   As a lawyer and as a law and order kind of guy, I held these institutions in so much regard….and now we learn that this is a delusion.

The banks will do what they want.   And neither law enforcement or courts seem willing to offer any protection…..but maybe our country’s Sheriffs and Property recorders will come riding to the rescue….

For Nancy J. Becker, recorder of deeds in Montgomery County, Pa., outside Philadelphia, property records are practically sacred. So much so that her office keeps digital copies of land records dating to 1784 on four separate databases, including one 1,700 miles away. If the county seat were leveled tomorrow, she says, ” I could still record documents on my laptop on the street corner with a card table.” Becker may sound tech-savvy, but to some of her constituents’ dismay, she can’t always call up a property with a keystroke and see who holds its note. That’s because more than 200,000 of her records list the lien holder as MERS, the private company that acts as a proxy for banks that bundle and sell off mortgage securities. That can make it all but impossible for a recorder to determine who really holds the paper.


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  • JOHN CHAGNON says:

    Is there FL law that requires leanders (banks, financial insti.etc)to not
    use MERS? Or is there FL law that requires lenders to record deed of trust with property county deed office? Countrywide did not record my mortgage with Duval Co property deed office. Can you send me a name of Duval Co law firm that might help me with my lawsuit against Countrywide? My E-mail is:

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