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Matt Weidner, YOU ARE AN IRONMAN! (and now I’m really ready to fight!)

On Saturday, November 5th at around 9 p.m., I fulfilled a life’s mission when I completed the 2011 Florida Ironman, a 2.4 mile open water swim, 112 mile bike ride and a 26 mile run…..all in just under 13 hours.   When they scream out those words, “MATT WEIDNER, YOU ARE AN IRONMAN! that’s one helluva day!

It was certainly a grueling day and while the finish was certainly euphoric, my favorite part of the day was standing there at the shoreline at dawn and waiting for that cannon to go off……BOOM and then it’s a race into the chilly waters of the Gulf of Mexico, just me and 2,800 of the most dedicated, hard working and extraordinary people in the world.   Young (18 years), Old (74 years), men, women…from all over the world….all setting out to challenge the impossible.     The whole fraternity of people that congregate around these events really are incredible, can do, never say quit, supportive and TOUGH AS NAILS!

I’ve spent a whole lot of time over the last several months, staring at the black line in the swimming pool, crunching out the miles on the bike and just pounding down the miles on the run…and all that time is frankly where I get my best work done.   Because when I hit the office after putting down those hours…I’ve got my day all figured out.   My head is clear, my brain is tight and my mission list is solid.   Likewise, as I pounded out the 140.6 miles out there on Saturday I had lots and lots of time to think about my job and be very grateful for the life’s work I have the opportunity to fulfill every single day.

With every crank of the pedal and every mile on the run, I was stoking up that fire inside me that compels me to fight this awful battle that’s raging all across this country….the fight to reclaim some bit of honesty, integrity and fairness in America.   As every mile peeled away, I got angrier and angrier at what’s happening and what’s getting worse…..

I’m angry that I live in a state where the governor can violate Florida’s public records laws over and over and no one is even talking about.   Press is no longer reporting on this, no lawmaker or organization is pursuing filing suit against these abuses….violations of which are impeachable offenses.

I’m angry that I live in a state where Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi can just walk away from the investigations of the foreclosure mills,   the banks and all the parties that are responsible for Fraudclosuregate….and no one is talking about it anymore.

I’m angry that I live in a state where Florida Legislators, especially Kathleen Passidomo can introduce legislation, absurdly titled the Florida (un)Fair Foreclosure Act, and more legislators are not standing up to say they oppose and will fight this insult to the people of the State of Florida.

I’m angry that my state is for sale to the highest bidder and that more people are not willing to stand up and fight.

I’m angry that my friends, my colleagues and myself suffer attacks and persecutions because we dare to stand up and fight for the Rule of Law and for the American People.

I’m angry that billions of dollars are floating all around the globe, traded about by Bernake and Paulson and Geithner like it’s Monopoly money, stolen from the American people….and that no one has any grasp at all of where all the money is or why it’s gone there.

I’m angry that the corporations and the banksters have been permitted to corrupt our world so absolutely that they are immune from any punishment or consequence.

But I’m most angry because more Americans are not angry or willing to fight.   They sit in front of their televisions, obsessing over football and Dancing With the Stars and distracted by the farce and joke that is our modern day political system yet they can’t be bothered to understand the treason or the crimes that are being perpetrated upon all of us by those in power.

It’s long past time for every single American to wake up and see the treason and the crimes and the destruction that lay all around us.   It’s high time for all Americans to take up a post, get involved and start fighting.   It’s up to every single American to determine what activism best suits their skill set and passion and put those skills to work.

You can no longer sit on the sidelines and yell at the TV. You can no longer passively support Occupied or any of the other protest movements. You can no longer give lip service to supporting political   candidates without getting actively involved in their campaigns or working to defeat candidates that are destroying this country.

This country has a long and distinguished history of ordinary people standing up and doing extraordinary things. But right now too many people are soft, beaten, compliant and complacent.

That has all got to change. And it’s got to change right now.

This country is on the brink and every single person has got to believe that the fate of this nation rests entirely upon each person’s shoulders and their willingness to fight.

Take the charge, accept the challenge, get in this fight!


  • Lit Gant says:

    Mr. Ironman: it does not take many to change a lot. All it takes is a few who can get attention. Let me say this from experience: it does not take millions in the streets marching, all it takes is for us to get those millions to be sympathetic to our cause and vote with their sympathy. And if we can turn that into anger for the abuse the courts and banks have done against the American people: we can win this fight. We can take back our courts. We can make MERS and all the others pay who cheated our Clerks of Court out of millions of dollars in filing fees and who messed up the land records. Mr. Ironman, keep working on ways to get the sympathy of the people. This is the way CNN and the other news media work up anger and get sympathy for what they push every day. We have not learned the art of mind control. We have not been trained how to manipulate. The banks know all these methods of war. Right now we need to heap on the scorn and the anger against these banks through occupy. We need to encourage those who are mad, or are fed up, who won’t take it anymore. And yes, drop those banks: Bank of America, J.P. Morgan Chase, TD Bank, CITI Bank, Wells Fargo, and move your money to a credit union. Mr. Ironman, you have been a great warrior for the cause of justice in the fraduclosures. But, the judges think themselves as ironman metal crunchers. These shyster judges in the circuit courts take great pleasure now in seeing you and the other leading attorneys in front of them. They want to show you men and women of the Lady of Justice, that they RULE. And they do not care for the rule of law. So, Mr. Ironman keep up the good work. And congratulations on your Ironman 2011 completion. You are now a real IRONMAN!

  • Concerned reader says:

    You are a great athlete Matt. The Florida Ironman is quite an accomplishment. Congratulations. Thanks for mentioning the cross-over benefits of exercise, getting clear and focused for the good fight for the heart and soul of America. But standing up for the Rule of Law and for the American People is dangerous when you confront special interests.

    Americas are willing to fight, but they are thwarted in many ways. The nature of our system requires that many of the fights take place a court of law. The ordinary person, not schooled in law, has little chance. Your Oct-29-2011 post, “Hillsborough Foreclosure Court – Very Disturbing Numbers, a system gone awry” points out a pitfall of pro-se:

    “Now for all you pro-se people out there, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not try this yourselves. You know I am the biggest supporter of consumer and citizen rights and I affirm the principles that The People and not lawyers own the courthouses and The Law, but bad appellate decisions destroy our laws and improperly taken appeals cannot be reversed.”

    Having appeared pro-se in Hillsborough County, I agree with your view. In addition, the pro-se is subject to sanctions of thousands of dollars over arcane rules, may be thrown out of a hearing by an unfair judge where the hearing goes on ex-parte, or arrested on civil contempt on a misrepresentation by opposing counsel. In the alternative the pro-se could hire counsel at $200-$350 per hour, and $20,000 later have little to show for the effort and expense. The legal system is often one of attrition, and ordinary people do not have the resources to maintain these fights, no matter how motivated. For some it leads to financial ruin. Thus, people become compliant and complacent…

    People can protest at OWS, but many cannot afford being arrested by overzealous police. Others are working to support a family. A California court reporter told me that while she agrees with the protesters, she can not risk being arrested, it could lead to the loss of her court reporter license and livelihood. And what about seeking a job with an arrest record or conviction? An ex-offender is marked for life, and getting that record expunged can be difficult or impossible. That must give many people second thoughts. Thus, they sit in front of their televisions….

    You are an Ironman Matt, and have the physical strength and good health to fight injustice that is sapping the life from our democracy. But good health is fleeting…one inopportune accident can cut down even the strongest athlete. I know people who support the fight, but are limited by age or disability. On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero…so act while you can…tomorrow may be too late…

    Therefore I take the charge, and accept your challenge to get (further) in this fight…

  • FYI says:

    An answer as to why our Circuit courts don’t have to follow the “law”…

    Excerpts from the President’s Committee on Administrative Management

    Woodrow WilsonӬӬ

    From the Report of the Committee With Studies of Administrative Management in the Federal Government”¨pp. 10, 11, 39-42″¨Published by the United States Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C.

    Beginning with the Interstate Commerce Commission in 1887, the Congress has set up more than a dozen independent regulatory commissions to exercise the control over commerce and business necessary to the orderly conduct of the Nation’s economic life. These commissions have been the result of legislative groping rather than the pursuit of a consistent policy. This is shown by the wide variety in their structure and functions and also by the fact that just as frequently the Congress has given regulatory functions of the same kind to the regular executive departments.

    These independent commissions have been given broad powers to explore, formulate, and administer policies of regulation; they have been given the task of investigating and prosecuting business misconduct; they have been given powers, similar to those exercised by courts of law, to pass in concrete cases upon the rights and liabilities of individuals under the statutes. They are in reality miniature independent governments set up to deal with the railroad problem, the banking problem, or the radio problem. They constitute a headless “fourth branch” of the Government, a haphazard deposit of irresponsible agencies and uncoordinated powers. They do violence to the basic theory of the American Constitution that there should be three major branches of the Government and only three. The Congress has found no effective way of supervising them, they cannot be controlled by the President, and they are answerable to the courts only in respect to the legality of their activities.


    Find the rest of the speech here:

    BTW, congratulations Matt. That’s amazing!

  • Rosie says:

    Congratulations Matt! Great accomplishment – and all the while I know you work really hard helping people, and you have a “real life” as well. Definitely amazing – you must have a very well-planned routine.

    Yes, I agree – many people are too “removed” from reality; I’ve been mystified and angry about that for a long time. Seems really difficult to get the attention of all but a very few vocal, weary people tryiing to wake the masses before it’s too late. And, the labels that we are paranoid or crazy or whatever to discredit us. No answers. Just keep trying – educating – sharing info. Thanks for all you do for us. Rosie

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