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JACK BOOTED THUGS-Sheriff’s Office Responds to Allegations of Bank Break In To Property- Christopher Boudreau



One of the most terrifying things occurring in this country right now is the fact that banks are being permitted to determine whether or not they have the right to break into properties, and after they have done so, they are determining what they wish to do with property found therein.

If they find valuables are they permitted to take them? Are banks permitted to enter property at any time and without any prior warning or notice?   Are the banks permitted to change locks or otherwise trash the property?

How about in cases where no foreclosure has even been filed?   What do you think about that America? How about all you Americans that are 45 days late on your mortgage, are you good with allowing the banks to come in, break down your door and do what they wish, with no order of court?

Read the Sheriff’s Report Carefully…..Time to wake up and think America.