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Jack Booted Thugs In Collusion With Local Government- A Most Dangerous Attack On Privacy And Basic Rights

I’ve spent years now warning as loudly as I can about the dangerous incursion into the most private and formerly protected areas of our lives….our homes. But all around us, the banks are getting more and more cozy with our institutions of government.   The banks are empowered and emboldened and are taking it upon themselves to “inspect” properties, even when they have no legal basis to do so.

If you happen to still be living in the home, if your personal property is in the home, if you still think that this home is your castle and you are safe and protected within it….think again.   All across this country, while a homeowner is out, perhaps working, perhaps just out visiting relatives across town, the banks assert that they have the right to kick down your door, come in and change your locks.   I had yet another client come in today with a hanger left on their door from a lender.   The paper advised the homeowner to call their mortgage company at the number provided and I did call this number….it rang to a phone center in the Philippines.

So after my client’s rights are violated, the home invaded, the fiction of the security and sanctity of the home completely destroyed, privacy invaded, they are directed to call the Philippines for information.   Welcome to America.

The banks are working quite aggressively with local code compliance and with law enforcement to convince them that they should be permitted access to properties, despite the lack of any legal basis for this alleged right.   We all need to think about the dangers of this creeping intrusion by the banks….

Consider all of this when you watch this story about an exciting new program being launched between the Jack Booted Thugs, the banks and the local government that formerly existed to serve the interests of those in each community…..

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