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BOMBSHELL- Grand Jury Report, Florida is The Most Corruput State in The Nation.

florida-juryI think many people are finally starting to realize just how corrupt this state really is.   But I wonder if people really understand just how dangerous it is to live in a state which nurtures our own sort of aggressive public corruption?

A great comment from a reader:

After being last in education, consumer rights, and job creation, we hit a home run.

One thing that is certain is that those who profit from the rampant corruption will fight very hard to protect themselves and the institutions that support the corruption.   Uttering these truths places me in a very dangerous position because by speaking out, I make myself a target not just of the people who flourish under the corrupt system we live in, but entire institutions that thrive under this existing political, economic and social order.   Several months ago I suggested that some sort of federal intervention into this state was necessary because the corruption had reached such a level that state intervention was no longer credible…I have paid a real price for uttering such blasphemy…and I continue to pay a very real price.

But as dangerous as things are for me personally, every consumer and citizen of this state must understand the terrible threat we all live under because of the widespread corruption that exists all around you.   A citizen is not free and you certainly are not safe, when the institutions and people that govern you are free to practice corruption with impunity.   Just how out of control is the corruption in Florida?   Well, let me get very clear and specific.   And make sure you understand, I’m not just expressing opinion or talking in generalities.   My premise comes directly from a Statewide Grand Jury that was empaneled to examine corruption throughout the state.   Very authoritative stuff….

Since 2000, Florida’s three federal United States Attorney’s Office districts had more public corruption convictions than any
other state’s combined district totals.lix According to one witness who provided us the following
diagram, Florida led the nation in the number of federally convicted public officials from 1998
through 2007.   According to this testimony, Florida leads the next closest state, New York, by
over an 8% margin.

This report must be widely circulated, and citizens all across this state must begin to take responsibility for what is happening all around us.   The fact that this report has not been on the front page of every single newspaper in the state and the fact this report has not been required reading for every single voter is a testament to our on failings as citizens.   I fear for all those who dare to speak out and challenge the machine operating in this state and I fervently hope that each of you will wake up, heed the warning contained in this report, and share it with everyone you know.   We live in dangerous times and all of us live under the false security of a very fragile stability.


And see these links for the full Grand Jury Report   and read the Grand Jury Handbook

Finally, please log on, understand and support the mission of the Florida First Amendment Foundation , there are precious few organizations that still have any ability to preserve and protect the hairline thin filament of liberty and freedom left in this country and in this state.   In particular, the press and your right to speak and be heard are under attack from both direct and indirect attacks everyday.   Once we completely lose the ability to see what is happening behind the dark shadows of our government and then we lose the ability to speak out about what’s happening, the last flickers of the lamp of freedom and justice will be snuffed out forever…..



  • John Anderson says:

    After being last in education, consumer rights, and job creation, we hit a home run.
    On a side note, Florida’s native son Bert Reynolds home is being foreclosed upon.
    I hope he didn’t spend all his money on his mortgage, but I am sure that lawyers will step forward to help him.
    Matt, you should offer your services. What a poster boy for exposing misdeeds by the banks!

  • 2 Pirates Over 40 says:

    Matt, just for ?hits and giggles, look up to see what state has had more politicians go to jail. Every one thinks of Illinois, because of Chicago,. but actually Florida leads the 50 states. So this story doesn’t surprise me one bit.

  • Concerned reader says:

    Thanks Matt for this information. Wow this really tells the story of corruption in Florida! We should thank former Gov. Charlie Crist for convening the 19th Statewide Grand Jury, and former Attorney General Bill McCollum for his cooperation. I don’ think the current governor or AG would have had the courage to start an investigation into state-wide corruption.

  • Fran says:

    I appreciate you reports so much. It is so inspiring to have an attorney who is willing to really want to uphold the law and not just be part of the good ole boys club that rips us “dumb” citizens off.

  • Randy Kluge says:

    If you are interested in exposing corruption look at the DCF system, find out why it is run by a private for profit corporation from AZ and ask why our children in foster care has gone up 32% in 2011, some circuits up 80%. ●Source: University of South Florida, Center for the Advancement of Child Welfare Practice. Go to and click on Child Welfare Services Trend Report to see the raw data.
    thousands of families are hurting in FL and thousands of children are devastated everyday/

  • Mozelle Holderman says:

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