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It’s About Jobs….Scary Commentary on Where we Are(Aren’t)

fl-employmentThis blog is primarily focused on the political, legal, economic and social issues surrounding the narrow topic of foreclosures.   But this focus necessarily impacts the larger political issues.

Clients ask when things are going to get better or should they walk away from their homes….questions that are directly impacted by when/if the real estate market is going to improve….it’s not.   The real estate market is not going to improve for a very, very long time.   No uptick in 2011 and not in 2012.   The political climate right now is bad and it’s only going to get worse.   Most importantly however people are still losing jobs and most concerning there are no real jobs on the horizon.   No state, local or federal policies or programs that will inspire or directly fund job growth.   In fact, almost all the policies I see are resulting in immediate job losses…real job losses today that are not being replaced….the government funding for those jobs is gone and it ain’t coming back.   And there is zero capacity in our economy for new private job growth.   No innovation, no broad programs, no new initiatives.

Where’s the moonshot program to put Florida’s aerospace workers, 8,000 of whom recently lost jobs back to work?   Where’s the Manhattan project to put our country’s other technical workers to work?   Heard any talk lately of dramatic work on new fuel efficiency technologies that would put engineers and then production workers back to work?   No, nothing.   In months now.   As indicated in the attached New York Times article, the best we can do now is have the President visit China and beg them to buy more of our products.

Until there is a major shift in priorities and new jobs on the horizon, we’re in deep, deep trouble.   Historically, we cannot count on anything to happen with a major national election coming….even if either party had a solution, they’re gonna wait to release it until after the 2012 elections….but we cannot wait that long….

Please follow the action relating to the appointment of Elizabeth Warren Here

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