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HUD Secretary- Sweetheart Deal With Servicers To Come in a Few Weeks….

One of these guys pictured above is Napolean Dynamite.   One of these guys apparently is negotiating on behalf of the American people against the banks and institutions that have destroyed this economy and wrecked this country.   I’m sorry if his picture doesn’t exactly give me a whole lot of confidence in his cojones or his ability to cut a real deal that benefits the American people….but then, just take a look at his resume…that ain’t exactly awe inspiring either….

And now, today’s news reports that he is about to cut a deal with all the servicers (not Napolean Dynamite, the other guy).   I mean seriously, look at his resume, read the LA TIMES news report…if this is the caliber of guy in charge of your government and the multi-billion dollar settlement on the table, is there really any doubt but that we’re seriously outgunned? (Especially when he’s battling a scary looking guy like this…..