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Is There A Statute of Limitations on Mortgages?

The most critical issue in foreclosure and today

The critical facts again….

The most important issue in foreclosures right now, in 2015 is whether the statue of limitations that applies in all other debts, of 5 years will be applied in the context of foreclosure proceedings.
I’m more and more confident that the Florida Supreme Court will split the baby.

But just listen to how intense and intellectually curious the questions from the entire panel is.  Watch how much heavy intellectual lifting they are all doing here….all of them working the facts and just really putting the lawyers through their paces…and I really do give both attorneys credit…very responsive to all questions, such professional and respectful exchange of questions and answers…everyone is listening, everyone working together to really draw out the complex issues….so smooth and so professional.

A key issue again, this is an HOA defendant, not a homeowner…and again, it’s another penthouse….(just like Beauvais)

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