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Statute of Limitations and Quiet Title in Foreclosure Cases

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  • Tony says:

    can you recommend a good defense lawyer in foreclosure prevention in southern california

  • Jeffrey Jones says:

    I recently WON my foreclosure case after 6 long years at trial with “Judgment for Defendent” in Hillsborough County, FL. I’m getting conflicting information form various attorneys in the Tampa Bay area in refererence to filing Quiet Title so I can now clear the cloud on my title. Some attorneys are telling me that it’s impossible to do and others say it can be done.

    Any thoughts?

    I watched this video in it’s entirety as well as looked the case up. Can’t wait for a decision on this one. I am familiar with the following cases as well: Bartram, Beauvais, Evergren, Dorta, Espinosa, Stern and Houck.

    After $16,000 in legal fee’s the defend against foreclosure, hundreds of hours of research all that I’m hearing form attorneys is that now all I can do is wait for the bank to refile so I can go through the entire hellish process again. There HAS to be another way!

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