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Is OCCUPY a pretext to Martial Law (or will it be used as such?

Over the last several days, chatter has developed alleging that Occupy is a contrived effort, orchestrated by any number of figures, but especially George Soros. The chatter goes that Obama and Soros and the left wing new world order conspired to put people in the streets so things will get out of control and the President will declare Martil Law.

Well, I don’t know, but I’m inclined to believe every conspiracy and fraud/corruption story (that’s a condition that develops from seeing it all first hand every single day).

I believe Occupy is largely self generated and that it has been grassroots and collectively generated. I think it is fueled not by organization but by a collective rejection of the fraud and corruption that permeates all of our world…but then again, it could be a grand conspiracy designed to finally exact absolute state control over this entire country.

Problem with this theory is…even if the puppet masters believed and designed this plan…as the old saying goes…


I don’t think OCCUPY was planned but i am very much concerned with how it will end. Already we see violent suppression. As all of you are aware, the attorneys who have been leading the fight against corruption and oppression have suffered attacks and persecution…how dare I write these things? How dare attorneys stand up in court and challenge the machine? How dare consumers and citzens have a voice?

The Dark Side and their forces have explicity and directly trashed the First Amendment….they own it now. The Dark Side bought your Fourth Amendment…they own it now. The Dark Side just seized your Fourteenth Amendment…and most of the country just sat down and watched it all happen.

Patriots and veterans and soldiers fought and died for those rights and all the others we all took for granted. Throughout history noble bands of attorneys accepted the sacred call to safeguard those rights and liberties. In England, these solicitors and advocates faced the Star Chambers. Today’s lawyers likewise face The Chambers.

I cry for today’s children, suckled on the dying teet of the delusion that was this noble experiment, warmed by a bosom such as it was that is a carcass growing cold.

“They” didn’t listen when they should have…or at least they didn’t listen to us. They did respond to their masters, to The Fed and to The Machine that is very much not of this world….and they continue to listen to their masters, continuing to rip away your rights, yet powerfully storming the beaches and pursuing the interests of their corporate masters.

Yes, Florida will be rid of the scourge that is TIME SHARE FRAUD! Because that is the interest that is bought and paid for. The Banks will be excused of the requirement to mediate in good faith with the taxpayer that bought them out, because that is the Demand of the Machine.

And we will all eat the $72 Trillion liability that is Bank of America.

And on and on it goes…it will end. To what end, we know not.

But neither do “They”.


  • Concerned reader says:

    Don’t cry for today’s children, suckled on the delusion of this noble experiment, it was mostly a myth. America is a heartless country. Been that way from the beginning, if truth be told. The land-owing while males had standing, that was all. Negros were slaves, non-land owning white men were a step or two above slaves. Women’s suffrage was not until 1920. The Indians got screwed. Economic booms and busts have been common throughout our history. That’s why its called the American dream. The American reality is a nightmare for most people. There is no constitutional requirement for a middle-class, as Ron Paul might point out.

    After WWII our economy prospered because the rest of the industrial world was in ruins. That dominance ended about 40 years ago, around 1970. In 1971 Nixon went off the gold standard in an effort to maintain our declining buying power. Its been a financial ponzi to a greater or lesser extent. In the 1980’s Pres. Reagan began deficit spending that is no longer sustainable. For much of the last decade Americans borrowed against a housing bubble to maintain a lifestyle, until the crash of 2008. Our society is in its death throes. Occupy Wall St. is evidence.

    Ross Perot predicted this decline in 1992, the giant sucking sound of jobs leaving America. Many laughed at him. But free trade is not free, and those jobs are gone now, and they are not coming back. Not only are the workers displaced, but so are the college educated types who managed and provided professional services those industries, like accountants and engineers. Joseph Wharton, founder of the Wharton School, America’s first business school, was not a free-trader. Wharton lobbied congress to protect his nickel business, which later became Bethlehem Steel. As I recall America abandoned its big steel business long ago.

    The spending party ended in 2008 and only the well-connected got a soft landing, thanks to TARP, other programs, and the Federal Reserve. Now we are facing financial Armageddon, but it’s just a return to the good old days of heartless America. The 25 year post-WWII prosperity (1945-1970) was a fluke, not the rule. The GI bill gave many returning vets a free or affordable education. Today the same education costs a small (or large) fortune, and saddles many graduates with bone-crushing debt, and there are no jobs for many of them.

    America will fail due to corruption. The failure of the rule of law. Breach of fiduciary duty. Conflict of interest. Europe is ready to blow. Counter party liability on derivatives and credit default swaps, the financial weapons of mass destruction, may be our demise. Honest work is no longer valued in America, just wheeling and dealing. The legal profession is to blame too. Common sense gave way to our over-legalized existence, which further sealed our fate.

    Keep up the good work Matt, enjoy reading your posts, don’t have the time to comment as often as I would like.

    • thanks to you too….i have great fear for where we are heading…see it all first hand every single day….scary times indeed.

    • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

      Excellent analysis of the past, but I am not so pessimistic about the future. We have a middle class which is waking up to the fraud and the middle class is the major voting block in this nation. Now we need some good options at the ballot box. People who understand the dark truths of the nation’s murderous and oppressive past but who want to forge a new future are being awakened. All is possible when the private Fed is stripped of its power to create money out of thin air as debt and the private banks can no longer create loans out of thin are by fractional reserve banking. The private money power overplayed its hand. It did not recognize the unifying power of information flow over the internet.
      We, the homeowners lawyers, need a unifying theory to expose the banking fraud which tries to take our clients’ homes with forged and fraudulently created promissory notes and mortgage. Here is a theory being considered by the Wisconsin homeowners defense lawyers, who have benefited greatly from the work of our colleagues in Florida. The cause of action is racketeering.

      Dear Colleagues:
      I have been trying to get a handle on the crime committed which unifies the frauds, forgeries and false claims in the current foreclosure “crisis.” This is the research I have done which would allow for multiple pleadings on behalf of homeowners in foreclosure and bankruptcy and applies to most cases. Bankruptcy is the easiest place to plead racketeering in an adversary proceeding because the false claims filed by the purported lender (servicer, trust, GSE) is covered by 18 USC sec. 152 enumerated under 18 USC 1961 (one of the predicate offenses for civil RICO liability) and is committed when the purported lender using a falsely created (robo-signed) assignment of mortgage and/or “endorsement in blank” falsely claiming ownership or right to enforce the note. In non-bankruptcy cases, the counterclaim can be raised in state court or a new action can be commenced in federal court (permissive joinder of issues under Wisconsin civil procedure.) I do not recommend federal action unless you have a clearly biased state court judge or need nationwide service of process for personal jurisdiction because Wisconsin long arm jurisdiction is not sufficiently strong.
      Please review the theory of the cases below.

      Civil Racketeering Claim

      > The theory goes like this:

      > Racketeering requires a violation of the statutes enumerated at 18 USC sec.1961.—-000-.html

      Among those statutes is the money laundering violation at 18 USC sec. 1956.—-000-.html

      Money laundering includes the specific offense at 18 USC sec. 666.

      The specific crimes constituting money laundering are found in the jury instruction.
      18 USC sec. 666 is among the money laundering “specific offenses.”
      See C. 7. d.

      Thank you for your consideration of this matter.
      Wendy Alison Nora

      • Concerned reader says:

        Attorney Wendy Alison Nora,

        Thanks for your comments. I left out the US Military Empire, but you get the point.

        RICO is a nice thought, but only applies to organized crime, and (in my view) would not work against a bank even though it is “organized” and committing “crimes”.

        A Florida appellate court held: Purpose of the federal and state RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization) Acts was to address the problem of organized crime and its infiltration and corruption of legitimate business. Hagopian v. Justice Administrative Com’n, App. 2 Dist., 18 So.3d 625 (2009)

        Prove me wrong, please!

        Below is part of Court’s discussion in Hagopian (with link to the case) where it extends RICO to street gangs, but extending it to the banks and mortgage companies? That would be a new application of law.

        1. The RICO Prosecution. The stated purpose of the federal RICO Act, 18 U.S.C. § § 1961-1968, was to address the problem of organized crime, particularly its infiltration and corruption of legitimate business and labor unions. See Organized Crime Control Act of 1970, Pub. L. No. 91-452, 84 Stat. 922, 922-23 (1970) (codified as amended at 18 U.S.C. § § 1961-1968 (2006)). See generally Gerard E. Lynch, RICO: The Crime of Being a Criminal (pts. I-IV), 87 Colum. L. Rev. 661, 920 (1987) (discussing the legislative history of the federal RICO Act and examining the federal Act and its uses in detail). The Florida RICO Act was patterned after the federal RICO Act. See Gross v. State,765 So.2d 39, 42 (Fla.2000). Like the federal RICO Act, the declared purpose of the Florida RICO Act was to target organized crime and its infiltration and corruption of legitimate business. See ch. 77-334, preamble, at 1400, Laws of Fla. See generally Jennifer Daley, Tightening the Net of Florida’s RICO Act, 21 Fla. St. U.L. Rev. 381 (1993) (discussing the Florida RICO Act).

        Despite the declared purpose of the federal and Florida RICO Acts, the reach of these laws is not limited to organized crime. For a number of years, prosecutors around the United States have used the federal RICO Act to prosecute members of street gangs. See John Gibeaut, Gang Busters, 84 A.B.A. J. 64 (Jan. 1998). In 1994, the Florida Rico Act was amended to specifically authorize the use of the statute to target street gangs. To accomplish this end, section 895.02(1)(a) was amended to include violations of chapter 874, relating to criminal street gangs, within the meaning of the term “racketeering activity.” Ch. 94-209, § 78, at 1319-20, Laws of Fla. Similarly, section 895.02(3) was also amended to provide that “[a] criminal street gang, as defined in s. 874.03, constitutes an enterprise.” Id. at 1320.

  • divemedic says:

    The word you are looking for is MARTIAL.

  • anonymous says:

    Please correct. It is not Marshall, it is “martial.”

  • Marshal the forces marshal Dillon! Put Marshall McLuhan in charge! The word smiths have declared martial law! Don’t let them get past the Marshall county line! Line up for inspection and spell check! :o) :o) :o) I bet I spelt it wrong?

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