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In Re Harris- Massive Class Action Lawsuit Names Ben Ezra and LPS

The street fighters that are out there fighting these battles every day are making headway, but things are only going to change now that the real prize fighting, hard-charging, sword wielding super lawyers have joined the fight.

Take some time to read what a great, well-researched piece of legal masterpiece looks like.   Allegations from this complaint include:

As alleged in further detail herein, all the Defendants acted in
concert and conspired to unlawfully and secretly violate and avoid the
bankruptcy rules, the bankruptcy code, and the federal and the state common
law in their roles as attorneys and vendors to creditors to the detriment of

Each of the Defendants reached an agreement to illegally split
attorneys’ fees (” Illegal Agreement”), acted in concert and conspired in
furtherance of the Illegal Agreement, enjoyed a significant benefit from the
Illegal Agreement, which caused harm to the Plaintiff, and the Court. The
Plaintiff’s class representative and the Class members consist of those
persons other than the Court who have been harmed by the conduct set out
herein. Each of the Defendants was a necessary party to the conspiracy.

Please read the full complaint here:


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