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Are the Banksters Powerful Enough To Make Legislation Disappear?

I love that reruns of the Sopranos are back on.   Remember Tony Soprano and the guys and the dark humor of the mafia?   If they didn’t like someone, they were whacked….disappeared.   But as I woke up this morning, I read on 4Closurefraud something that really blew my mind.   It was an absolutely disturbing post from Mandelman Matters where he suggested that the banksters were able to make an entire piece of filed legislation….DISAPPEAR. (Full Story Here)

In the country of our civics books and history, I might say this was all some kind of internet conspiracy nut jobs, but this is the USA, the great criminal oligarchy where the banksters get away with anything.   And this is certainly possible.   Mandelman has certainly earned his chops, with great reporting and very powerful support for all those that are fighting.   Where is the Arizona and national media on this story?

Please visit the Senator’s Page or email her directly

Everyone in this Republic is entitled to know what happened in Arizona.   Please join me in asking the senator to make a public statement about what happened here.

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