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I Want to Share With You My Opinion. My Anger. My Outrage.

foreclosure-flameI want to stand here in the middle of this digital town square and engage my fellow countrymen and women in an informed and factual debate about what is occurring in this country.   Like Martin Luther, I want to announce my 95 thoughtful and factually-supported complaints against the wrongs in the system.   Like Martin Luther King, Jr., I want to share connect with you on a very personal level and share with you the profound sadness I feel because of the gross and systemic injustices that I experience first hand.

But I cannot.   Speech in this country is no longer free and dissent will not be tolerated.   Things did not end well for my Luther boys and I’ve got to do what I must do in order to try and stay in this for the long haul.

I hope that there are those of you out there who are still able to keep the flickering flame of freedom lit.   I hope some will remain to share the history….the sad history…the decline….